We’re Calling For Negotiation, Self-Determination For Igbos—Nigerian Protesters In London

Several protesters on Friday stormed the Nigerian House in London, the United Kingdom to again the continued agitation for self-determination for Igbo individuals. 

The protesters, who began the procession from Trafalgar Square, expressed their grievances over the killings within the South-East.

We're Calling For Negotiation, Self-Determination For Igbos—Nigerian Protesters In London 2

In a video captured by the BBC pidgin, the demonstrators have been wearing Igbo apparel with placards bearing completely different inscriptions reminiscent of, ‘Stop the genocide’ and ‘Nigerian authorities cease the killing of individuals within the southeast’.

Others are ‘Nigerian President threatened one other genocide. When Twitter objected, it was banned in Nigeria’, ‘Britain and America can pressure Buhari to cease the killing of Biafrans in Nigeria’.

We're Calling For Negotiation, Self-Determination For Igbos—Nigerian Protesters In London 3

One of the leaders of the protesters, who was with a badge of the Congress of Igbo leaders, mentioned, “We have gathered here because the military personnel are killing people in the South-East, the police too kill. The government claims some people burnt police stations, prisons and some government buildings, they haven’t said who carried out the attacks.

“Later, they said the assailants were people who looked like IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) members and they will investigate. For weeks now, we haven’t seen the result of their investigation.

“The police go to people’s houses to kill them there. This has to stop. They should stop shooting on sight, they should stop flushing. We are calling for negotiation, let us go to the negotiation table and negotiate with Nigeria because these things happening in the South-East are happening in other parts of Nigeria. Nigeria has a big security challenge. We are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to initiate negotiation on Nigeria so that there will be a decision and if negotiation is not possible, then let there be self-determination.

“The essence of this march today is, stop killing the Igbos in their homes. Igbo lives matter. Fulani herdsmen go to people houses and farms to kill people and the government calls it a clash; the word– clash – should be eradicated in Nigeria. It is not clash but people being attacked.”

Another main participant representing the Ohanaeze Ndigbo mentioned, “We have come out because they are killing our youths, they are destroying our farms, we want this to stop and stop now. Igbo lives matter, Nigeria belongs to all of us, we want peace in Nigeria. 

“We want Igbos to be free in Nigeria. We want all the policemen, soldiers torturing our people in the South-East to withdraw. We are calling for a national conference to discuss the restructuring of Nigeria. If it is not possible, let us go in peace. We are calling on the European Union, the United Nations, African Union and the rest, they need to intervene in Nigeria. All is not well with Nigeria.”

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