Tinubu Rules Out Nigeria’s Break-up, Calls Youths Country’s Engine

National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu has expressed the idea that youths throughout Nigeria will present a progressive and efficient type of authorities that can transfer Nigeria ahead. 

He admitted that the nation is at a important stage of debating whether or not to stay united as one Nigeria or break up. 

Tinubu Rules Out Nigeria's Break-up, Calls Youths Country's Engine 2

The former Lagos State governor nonetheless added that like many hurdles of the previous, Nigeria will scale by way of its present challenges, Vanguard stories. 

The APC chieftain additionally said that there must be a platform for Nigerians to speak about their variations.

But he dominated out the separation of the nation. 

Tinubu stated this at a democracy lecture organised by the Nigerian Youth Congress with the theme “Nigerian Democratic System and Good Governance: The Journey So Far,” in Abuja.

“Nigeria seats at a crucial junction. Do we advance by doing what is right or do we stagnate by settling for what is easy?

“Our nation’s journey is one of continuous struggles. We have struggled many times, yet never shall we fall. We are Nigerians and shall remain so.

“Of course, much work needs to be done. But it is time to recognise the points at which we fight ourselves. It is one that demands further reforms and evolution. 

“We need to continue to transform and improve so that we perfect good and effective governance in Nigeria for all citizens,” Tinubu stated.

Represented by James Faleke, a member of the House of Representatives, Tinubu urged Nigerian youths to work collectively to resolve the nation’s issues.

This, he stated, could possibly be achieved by way of dialogue and optimistic engagement with the political elite.

He added, “Our youths are the engine by which our future and protection will be powered. Our journey till date will be further defined by your efforts and actions. This journey should not and cannot be a destructive process. 

“We must manage the necessary change in a peaceful and democratic manner and ensure the continued unity of our nation, its people, and collective potentials.

“To perfect good and effective government is not going to come solely from the Nigerian elites. It will virtually come from the youths.

“This is not a time for you to falter. It’s a time for you to stand up and help push this great nation forward. It is time for Nigeria to evolve.”

Speaking, Minister of State for Education, Dr. Emeka Nwajiuba, lamented that regardless of the achievements made by the nation beneath the presidential system of presidency, some sections of the nation had been agitating for restructuring to the 1963 republican structure.

He stated, “Many of our citizens are investing a lot of time arguing over Nigeria’s structure. Do we restructure the country or restructure its power? Anything other than having a developmental mindset, for me, is a distraction.

“The Nigerian federation is different from other federal systems in the world in the sense that the centre created the federating units and not the federating units coming together to form the centre. So, the management of our federal structure should be unique to us alone.”

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Tinubu Rules Out Nigeria's Break-up, Calls Youths Country's Engine

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