Southern Governors Complicit In Unrest In The Region — Coalition Of Northern Groups Alleges

The Coalition of Northern Groups had alleged that Governors of Southern States are complicit within the unrest rampaging the area. 

This follows the communique issued on the finish of a gathering held by Southern governors in Lagos on Monday.

Southern Governors Complicit In Unrest In The Region — Coalition Of Northern Groups Alleges 2

The governors had unanimously requested that they be told if safety businesses wish to perform any operation of their states, as Chief Security Officers of their states. 

But, in a press release on Tuesday, the CNG alleged that the Southern governors are in help of the operation of armed terror teams within the area.

An announcement from the coalition reads, “The Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG is once again compelled to respond to certain issues raised by the Southern Governors Forum at their latest meeting of July 5, 2012 in Lagos.

“Specifically, our attention is drawn to the audacious resolve of the Southern Governors to shield felons, arsonists and mass atrocity perpetrators in their midst by challenging the prerogative of the federal government to enforce law and order in all parts of the country and to protect the state and innocent citizens from persons and groups whose conduct constitute grave threats to national security and public safety.

“CNG also notes the gang-up against the North, in particular, to force a regional shift of the presidency in 2023 by whatever means and tactics, including those that are clearly undemocratic.

“We also note the insistence by the Southern Governors on the retrogressive anti-grazing law that aims to selectively imperial the business of cattle herding and threaten the legitimate presence of pastoral communities in the South, irrespective of whether they are part of a crime committed or not.

“Having made these points clear, the CNG hereby wishes to address specific issues arising from the threats revealed the communique released by the Southern Governors.  

“That the desperation of the Southern Governors to shield the assortment of criminals incite and carry out ons, attacks, and wanton destruction of lives and properties of other citizens and national security assets has exposed the level of their complicity in the operations of the armed terrorist groups in the South.

“That their support for treasonable felony, by the subtle endorsement of the activities of such criminal separatist forces led by the likes of Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu, by warning the nation’s security agencies against operating in the region without obtaining permission from the governor of the particular state is a matter that must be given the seriousness it deserves.

“That it is ironic for such leaders of a society that delights in unleashing mayhem against fellow citizens of other regions at the slightest of pretexts, to expect the other sections of the country to trust them or any of their proteges with presidential powers.

“We call on the Federal Government to take immediate steps to disband all militias and armed groups in Nigeria by resort to the use of force if need be, to ensure that no group has the capacity to challenge the State in its prerogative to maintain law and order, and protect citizens’ lives and properties.”

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Southern Governors Complicit In Unrest In The Region — Coalition Of Northern Groups Alleges

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