No Elections In 2023 Until Buhari Restructures Nigeria, Renegotiates Unity – National Democratic Coalition

The National Democratic Coalition has acknowledged that there wouldn’t be 2023 elections in Nigeria till the nation is “repaired, restructured and its foundation reinforced or completely redone.” 

The United States’ chapter of NADECO acknowledged this in a launch despatched to SaharaReporters noting that Nigeria’s restructuring is just not merely a matter of political parlor discourse, however a requirement for survival. 

No Elections In 2023 Until Buhari Restructures Nigeria, Renegotiates Unity – National Democratic Coalition 2

NADECO within the launched signed by Executive Director, Dr Lloyd Ukwu, mentioned present occasions and discussions emanating from the cabals in Aso Rock and the All Progressives Congress regarding the 2023 Presidential Elections have been solely a distraction. 

The launch mentioned, “NADECO USA hereby forewarns that the only way for Nigeria to survive intact is to repair Nigeria first before the 2023 Presidential Elections.

“NADECO (USA) reiterates its position that there cannot and should not be 2023 elections unless Nigeria is repaired, fixed, restructured and its foundation reinforced or completely redone.

“NADECO (USA) has taken this position after much thought and discussion for many reasons preeminent amongst which are as follows:

“Undoubtedly, the 2023 elections are clearly being used as a  decoy and calculated distraction by the APC and Buhari administration to derail talks of restructuring Nigeria. Two, 2023 elections have been perfected as a big tantaliser to keep the “slaves quiet on the Plantation.” 

“NADECO (USA) believes that the evidence is clear that APC will approach the South-West making them believe that if they “behave themselves”, act as “good boys”, then the Presidency could be theirs. The South-West will then be been given a list of what is expected of them, based upon the premise that the Yoruba must be whipped into line and submission, before the self-acclaimed “King Makers” will even consider making a Yoruba person the next President, the first since Obasanjo.

“NADECO (USA) notes that the same tantalizer will thereafter be dangled to the South-East with the same narrative and demanding the same “good behavior” from the Igbo cluster. This time, they will promise an Igbo in Aso Rock for the first time ever and an Igbo as Head of State for the first time since Azikiwe 55 years ago. 

“All of these scenarios are politically manufactured falsehoods crafted and designed to set a political fire in the South and to keep the crabs from helping one another out of the pot. Yorubas will fight Igbos, Igbos will fight back. Igbos and Yorubas will fight the Niger Delta zone who will likewise respond in kind or with greater ferocity borne of bottled up anger and frustration at the daily rape of their land, the Niger Delta youth and their oil reserves by the North. 

“NADECO (USA) reiterates that the only way to repair Nigeria is to restructure Nigeria. What sense does it make to plan for what is being positioned to be at best a symbolic event when the reality of the continued life and death of Nigeria is an ignored question pressing itself more and more each day that passes. 

“NADECO (USA) presents what is obvious – Nigeria is dying and doing so speedily. Nigeria’s prognosis is terrible. Why would APC suck Nigerians into unnecessary and already rigged 2023 elections that are more tawdry political theatre than the will of the People? 

“NADECO (USA) therefore unreservedly and unequivocally calls for NO ELECTIONS UNLESS and UNTIL the country is restructured or the 1999 Constitution replaced, not amended. NADECO (USA) further notes that this is not the first time that Nigeria has come close to almost being restructured. Unfortunately, history teaches us that the Nigerian government under Northern leaders, for some reason they have never been required to divulge, has always kicked against repairing Nigeria in the spirit of rule of law, equity, freedom, fairness, and justice. 

“What is it that exactly scares the Federal Government of Nigeria from making sure that the country becomes a livable place for all Nigerians regardless of creed, religion, or ethnicity?What exactly is the ulterior reason for the continuation of neo-colonial and genocidal oppression by the North against against the remainder of Nigeria?”

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No Elections In 2023 Until Buhari Restructures Nigeria, Renegotiates Unity – National Democratic Coalition

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