Igbo People Will Know If To Quit Nigeria By 2022 Ending—Ohanaeze Youths

The National President of the Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), Igboayaka O Igboayaka has mentioned that the one treatment for Nigeria’s maladministration is voting somebody of Igbo extraction as Nigeria’s subsequent president in 2023.

The OYC chief additionally revealed that South-East folks of Nigeria will know by the tip of 2022 whether or not to stay as a part of the nation or not. 

Igbo People Will Know If To Quit Nigeria By 2022 Ending—Ohanaeze Youths 2

According to him, there will likely be indications by then to know if somebody of Igbo extraction will emerge because the President.

Igoayaka disclosed this in an exlcusive interview with Daily Post on Thursday, including that Nigerians will do themselves a favour in the event that they elect the subsequent President from South-East area.

“Nigeria president of Igbo extraction is a favour to all Nigerians, not even to Ndigbo. In fact, the deliverance of Nigeria from the shackles of bad leadership is the coming of an Igbo person in 2023 to govern Nigeria. 

“An Igbo particular person is the one true Nigerian, that’s why they settle and have properties throughout Nigeria.

“Let me tell you, Fulani political oligarchy made a terrible mistake, they could have enjoyed why God miraculously made Ndigbo to be part of Nigeria. If they fail to realise this favour in 2023, they wouldn’t have it again. 

“By the tip of 2022, there will likely be an indication if Ndigbo will likely be a part of Nigeria once more or they’ll have their very own separate nation,” Igboayaka said.

While talking about alleged marginalisation that the South East is suffering under Muhammadu Buhari’s government, the Igbo youth leader said, “Marginalisation of Ndigbo didn’t begin with the current or current administration, but it surely began from 1970 when not one of the 3Rs of Gen. Gowon was carried out in any a part of Igbo land. Ndigbo have confronted marginalisation since 51 years (1970-2021).”

The Igbo youth leader also said, “Youths is not going to go to conflict whereas preventing themselves. If the elders induced conflict, the youths will power the elders to go and struggle the ‘conflict.’ 

“The youths must know that the Igbo nation belongs to them, so we must seek their survival by every peaceful means. 

“Any disaster or violent act impacts the youths greater than the elders, so I need to urge my folks, regardless of the provocation, we are able to by no means decide weapons or some other weapon and go to conflict towards any ethnic nationalities in Nigeria once more.”

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Igbo People Will Know If To Quit Nigeria By 2022 Ending—Ohanaeze Youths

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