Group Warns Politicians In Ondo Against Inciting Violence Ahead Of Governorship Election

A coalition of civil society groups in Ondo State has warned politicians against inciting violence ahead of the governorship election on October 10.

In a statement jointly signed by Franklin Oloniyo, Folasade Bamgboye and Martins Alo, the coalition asked politicians to be mindful of their language so as not to provoke violence in the state during campaign period. 

The statement reads, “We hope that these unguarded utterances will not be taken by politicians as a direct order to start inflicting bodily harm on the governor’s political enemies and therefore start a chain reaction of political violence that can consume the state as we move into the 2020 governorship election circle.

“To discourage such unguarded statement, the Coalition of All CSOs in Ondo State will henceforth monitor politician’s utterances to detect hate speech and other reckless call for violence or intimidation.

“We will call out such erring politicians for their irresponsible comments and also mobilise citizens to reject such persons at the polls especially as we enter the main phase of the 2020 governorship election.

“Furthermore, we decry the politics of “do or die” that is becoming more evident from the utterances of politicians and we hope that politicians can learn from history and not set the state on fire due to their selfish desires and inordinate ambition.”

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