COVID-19: Ondo PDP Criticises Akeredolu For Declaring Curfew

The Peoples Democratic Party in Ondo State has attacked Governor Rotimi Akeredolu for declaring curfew in the state in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

The party in a statement on Tuesday by its spokesperson, Zadok Akintoye, accused Governor Akeredolu of lacking “administrative competence” over the decision being taken over the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Akeredolu had in a broadcast imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in the state starting from 7: 00pm to 7: 00am as part of measures to stem the spread of Coronavirus in the city. 

The statement reads, “The recently announced curfew which prohibits movement of citizens from 7: 00pm to 7: 00am again shows a government that is totally ignorant of the culture of its people.

“To declare a total prohibition of movement only during the night shows that Akeredolu is disconnected from the people and totally unaware of the nature of Ondo State. 

“Is Akeredolu suggesting that the virus is inactive during day time? Our people rarely gather in clusters at night and the larger percentage of residents in Ondo State rarely stay outside their homes at this time. 

“To restrict movements to night time is at best playing to the gallery and a cheap shot at seeking political benefit from a people whose very lives are threatened by the governor’s inefficiency. 

“What the governor should do to safeguard the lives of our people is to totally shutdown movement across the state without delay. The lives of our citizens are far more valuable that any selfish political benefit.”

“Government must wake up to its responsibility of providing clearly defined palliatives and incentives at this time.”

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