Buhari Has Incurable Fear Of Freedom, Human Rights For Nigerians—Activist

The coordinator of Democracy Vanguard, Adeola Soetan has described President Muhammadu Buhari as having an incurable worry of individuals’s freedom and rights. 

Soetan on Wednesday urged Nigerians to face towards any try by Buhari to return Nigeria to the darkish army days bloating the nation’s historical past. 

Buhari Has Incurable Fear Of Freedom, Human Rights For Nigerians—Activist 2

The Nigerian authorities lately banned the microblogging platform, Twitter after the corporate deleted a remark posted by Buhari by which he referred to the Nigerian Civil War. 

The remark was discovered distasteful by many Nigerians who complained to Twitter, prompting the platform to delete it. 

But the federal government quickly after banned Twitter, claiming it threatened the company existence of Nigeria. 

About the Twitter Ban, Soetan stated the microblogging web site had nothing to do with the safety challenges dealing with the nation. 

“Boko Haram did not use Twitter before they became terrorists and continue to terrorise Nigeria for over a decade now.

“It was not Twitter or any social media platform that created bandits who maim, kill, rape and kidnap for ransom and acquire the cash ‘head to head’ with ransom payers.

“Twitter didn’t facilitate the invasion of people’s farms and villages by violent Fulani herdsmen who kill and maim in desperation to openly graze their cows.

“Gen. Buhari and his fellow coup gangsters did not use Twitter or different social media platforms after they illegally overthrew (Shehu) Shagari authorities.

“So, why did Buhari’s regime now think that banning Twitter and threatening to kill social media will banish hunger, poverty, unemployment, and frustration that are the caused of insecurity in the country?” he requested. 

Soetan additionally recalled the despotic rule of Buhari as a army dictator between 1983 and 1985, including that even now as a democratic chief, the President is unable to guide as a civilian. 

He stated, “Since 1984 when he unleashed Decree 4 against press freedom as military head of state, Buhari has always been a pathological phobic for anything freedom and fundamental rights. 

“Thirty-four years after, together with his renewed struggle of attrition towards press freedom, social media, and basic human rights, he’s exhibiting us that individuals do not change, they solely age with their character.

“We must never allow President Buhari to return us to the draconian era of Gen. Buhari, if not, the labour of our late heroes of the struggle against tyranny, Alao Aka-Bashorun, Gani Fawehinmi, Beko Ransome Kuti, Balarabe Musa, Mrs. Funmilayo-Kuti, Madam Sawaba, Chima Ubani, Rotimi Ewebiyi, Bamidele Aturu, and a host of other unsung heroes including students, artisans, and journalists who were killed in the course of struggles against tyranny, will be in vain. We must always resist, protest, write, shout against tyranny.”

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Buhari Has Incurable Fear Of Freedom, Human Rights For Nigerians—Activist

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