Blockage Of Onions To South-East Is Part Of Conspiracy To Attack Igbos— Ohanaeze Ndigbo

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has alleged that there are conspiracies towards the South-Eastern area by ’those that wish to destabilise the area’.

Speaking with SaharaReporters on Thursday, Okechukwu Isiguzoro, Secretary-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo mentioned the revolt within the South-East is brought on by some northerners who need Igbo folks to denigrate into civil disobedience that may open them up for assaults.

Blockage Of Onions To South-East Is Part Of Conspiracy To Attack Igbos— Ohanaeze Ndigbo 2

Isiguzoro was reacting to a press release by the Secretary of Onion Dealers Association in Imo State, Halilu Muhammad, who famous that the affiliation had withdrawn onion shipments to the South-East till additional discover.

SaharaReporters had earlier reported how members of the affiliation claimed they misplaced over N13 million to the current seizure of onion vehicles heading to the South-East.

Muhammad had made a declare that gunmen intercepted two onion vehicles heading to the South-East and bought them to locals for N9,000 per bag as an alternative of N15,000.

Ohanaeze, nonetheless, described it as a easy technique geared toward utilizing the weapon of starvation towards the folks of the South-East.

Isiguzoro famous that the Ohanaeze won’t ever instigate the stoppage of palm oil cargo to the Northern area.

He famous that the insecurities ravaging the area are allegedly brought on by a northern cartel that wishes to disclaim Igbo folks their rightful place in Nigeria. 

Ohanaeze nonetheless vowed that it could by no means enable Igbo folks to stoop low to civil disobedience however slightly enable peace to reign.

Isiguzoro mentioned, “We have noticed that every one the issues occurring to South-East are well-coordinated assaults by a cartel that wishes to destabilise South-East for financial and political causes. 

“First, you hear the National Chairman of Arewa telling the northerners to go away the South-East that the area is now not protected for them. You have additionally seen the American embassy warning the folks of southern Nigeria that northern bandits and Boko Haram are transferring to the South to destabilise the South, significantly the South-East.

“You have seen President Muhammadu Buhari threatening to unleash the struggle expertise towards the Igbos. And at present, we will see the perishable items. They have completed it earlier than and they’re utilizing starvation as a technique to make sure that the South-East doesn’t sustain the political aspiration for 2023. 

“All these are the handiwork of northern cartel geared toward denying Igbos their rightful place in Nigeria and pushing them to civil disobedience that may result in one other civil struggle however the South-East will overcome all these evil conspiracies.

”Igbos are identified all around the world as emergency specialists that may deal with any delicate state of affairs and switch it right into a gold mine.

“Ohanaeze is not going to instigate the blockage of palm oil to the North as a result of Igbos have over N22 trillion value of investments and property within the 19 northern states and no matter has been occurring, together with the (Ahmed) Gulak assassination is to immediate the repeat of 1966 bloodbath however we are going to resist them this time round.

“We are calling on those that are behind these to cease earlier than it’s too late, whether or not they block onions or don’t block onions to the South-East, we are going to overcome this conspiracy. 

“Most of them are shocked that 51 years in the past, we got here out of civil struggle and we rebuilt our cities and they’re attempting to destroy our cities so that they have unleashed insecurity, they’ve threatened us with civil struggle once more, about killing of three million Igbos, largely youngsters and girls. 

“They have threatened us with blockage of meals to the South-East. They have even killed their very own individual within the South-East to instigate a disaster within the North however we’re calling on the Northern governors, we’re calling on patriotic Nigerians dwelling within the 19 northern states, who aren’t a part of this conspiracy to make sure that we promote issues that may bind us collectively slightly than issues that may lead us to separation and that may lead us to go our separate methods. 

“This is the right time to checkmate this erroneous or this evil plan against the people of the South-East. But remember the dynamics and indices of 1966 have changed, we are now in the global world. Those factors that made them have the upper hand in 1966 are no longer feasible in 2021. Igbos will fight them at their doorstep but for now, we are calling for peace.”

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Blockage Of Onions To South-East Is Part Of Conspiracy To Attack Igbos— Ohanaeze Ndigbo

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