A Time Will Come When Nigerian Pastors Will Suffer If They Don’t Speak Against Wickedness Now — Father Mbaka

Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Fr Ejike Mbaka has challenged males of God in Nigeria to talk up in opposition to wickedness within the nation or endure for it. 

Mbaka, in a current video obtained by SaharaReporters, stated pastors and different Christian leaders have shifted their focus away from soul-winning to gathering materials issues. 

A Time Will Come When Nigerian Pastors Will Suffer If They Don't Speak Against Wickedness Now — Father Mbaka 2

He warned that the pastors who refuse to talk up now will endure the results of their silence sooner or later. 

He alleged that males of God have turn into very corrupt as they now mingle with politicians who give them cash.

He stated, “Men of God are now more interested in taking care of ourselves, the new cars, jets we buy, competition with mundane things, instead of competing with souls, salvation, instead of competing among ourselves with righteousness. By the time the anger of God falls, there will be trouble in the country. By that time, the leaders will be looking for those to talk to. 

“If we succeed in having priests and pastors who cannot talk anymore, who will celebrate the mass and go to their rooms, eat, sleep and live their ordinary lives, forgetting that those who are donating the money for the breakfast, supper, and lunch, those who are maintaining our vehicles, those who are making sure our generator is running, even when they don’t have a lantern in their houses, that they are suffering, that time men of God will suffer.

“A time is coming that men of God in Nigeria will suffer, to say the truth is not political. Things are not well, people are suffering, crying. It is not only the Igbo youth, every youth in Nigeria is not happy with the government. As a man of God, I stand to declare that I am not happy with the way things are going on in this country. They want to politicise the pulpit. 

“What is happening? Men of God, what they are after now is people to fund projects, projects everywhere, will it ever end? The project in our hands is soul-winning. We men of God have become corrupt, we have eaten the dish of the devil. We have started romancing with dirty politicians and these politicians have moved money and caged and merchandised prophetic unctions.

“A time will come when many children of God will be arrested and men of God will only pray for souls when members die. 

“Our people are jobless and we cannot talk yet we need money from the people who are jobless, what type of Christianity is that? Who is fooling who? 

”Men of God, if God requested you to say one thing, be free to say it, in any other case you’ll die with the reality inside you. All these momentary afflictions will add to the load of everlasting glory.”

The cleric additionally known as on the Nigerian authorities to look into creating job alternatives for the youths, stressing that it will carry a couple of decline in banditry, kidnapping, and different crimes being perpetrated throughout the nation. 

Mbaka famous that the frequent arrest of some Nigerians by the federal government isn’t the answer to the issue however relatively the creation of job alternatives that may get folks engaged.

He famous that the cash allegedly amassed by politicians in preparation for the 2023 elections and assets utilized in monitoring, arresting, and jailing folks, ought to be used to create jobs. 

He stated, “The money they are gathering for 2023 elections, they should use it to create jobs and they will see that banditry will vanish. If you talk, they will arrest you; intimidation will not solve the problem.

“It doesn’t take them anything to lock this land, the real people who should be in prison are those that are arresting others and locking them up. I know that after this message, they will invite me again. 

“Everything is not about power and money, there is still God. To my beloved Nigerians, as far as God is still alive, in spite of all these, there is hope. Let them do their worst, God will do his best. 

“The amount of money used to buy ammunition to fight fellow Nigerians, money used to arrest and imprison… any country that maintains army and police will never prosper economically. And even the police and soldiers, are they enjoying anything?

“I pray the demon eating deep into this country to be bound and chained, a demon of wickedness. Many countries that have no oil are doing very well, we have all it takes to do better. Many people cannot afford two meals per day. Some who are on drugs cannot eat to take their medications because justice is denied, truth is buried, love is nowhere to be found. 

“One day, something will happen from heaven but it will appear satanic, it will be big trouble and people will now sit up. Why should our leaders continue to rejoice because people are suffering, let us do a proper census, how many are employed? How many are idle? That is the reason for the agitation.

“True leaders will say let me go hungry and subjects eat. Live and let live. So, after millions of people graduate from school, there will be no jobs and you expect them to look on? A hunger time is coming in the future and agitation will be uncontrollable. Let them go and buy millions of handcuffs because, in the coming future, the Yorubas, Hausas, Tiv, Efik people will say we can’t manage again. 

“I, therefore, prophecy to our leaders to sit up and remember they will die one day. God allowed them to be leaders at this time, they shouldn’t see it as a way of amassing wealth to the detriment of our children, live and let live, otherwise, they (our leaders) will suffer, how? I don’t know. 

“If leaders have policemen guarding them, we should also have policemen guarding us, it is our right. There is no level of harassment that will merchandise the truth. 

“Let them use the resources and energy used in attacking people, to create jobs and see how banditry will stop.”

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A Time Will Come When Nigerian Pastors Will Suffer If They Don't Speak Against Wickedness Now — Father Mbaka

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