Why Revolution Is The Only Solution For Nigeria — Activist, Sowore

Human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore, has described revolution as the one answer to the challenges confronting the nation.

In an interview with Toyin Falola on Sunday, the activist mentioned his 30 years’ expertise of actively taking part in Nigeria’s socio-political panorama confirmed that solely revolution can change the narrative.

Why Revolution Is The Only Solution For Nigeria — Activist, Sowore 2

He mentioned: “I have looked at Nigeria’s 60 years of existence and participated actively for 30 years in the life span of Nigeria having started around 1989 as a student of the University of Lagos. All these years have convinced me that nothing at the level of reforms, superficial interventions that are very conventional can change the trajectory of the country except we drop everything we’ve been doing, which is wrong and we know it and turn around and clean the ugly staple called Nigeria and create brand new systems established by brand new people. 

“We ought to create model new concepts, however there isn’t any means it might be doable to have an omelette with out breaking an egg so far as the Nigerian scenario is anxious. I got here to that conclusion in 2019. 

“I came to the understanding that there is no Nigerian state, it is just an element of rogue elements, rogue society, rogue organisation; it is a collection of organised criminals who are running the country to their advantage, using proxies, army, agencies and sometimes, just hypnotising people. 

“It is rooted in analysis that if six % of the inhabitants of any nation can persuade themselves that there’s a want for a radical change, that change can occur. It is rarely essential to have each man of God or army normal taken with altering Nigeria as a result of these guys are by no means going to let Nigeria change.

“It just requires some six percent of frustrated Nigerians; some very enlightened, critical mass coming together and willing to take the risk of taking actions and not taking actions. To put ideas together and make the revolution start from the head, make it happen by putting boots on the ground. 

“Having learn, studied, and seen sensible examples of those occur, it might curiosity you to know that the world has skilled extra revolutions within the final 20 years than it ever did since revolution began within the sixteenth century. 

“What does that teach you? The world is changing before us but we weren’t taking note of these changes. Sometimes people think a revolution just happens and they announce themselves. The problem which is the question we probably haven’t gotten to is what is there in having a revolution that helps you manage the expectations of those who should have the revolution.”

Buttressing his level, Sowore mentioned the #EndSARS was a sign that some Nigerians are steadily coming to phrases with the fact that solely radical demonstrations can beginning a brand new change within the nation.

He added: “#EndSARS is an example of the six percent I’m talking about. Yes, there was no participation in Kaduna or Sokoto but it was being embraced already after it got to the second stage and places like Jos had one of the biggest civil uprisings during #EndSARS. And Muslims and Christians came together to share what belonged to them, which is what you now know as palliatives and there were no disagreements, ethnicity, or anything. They didn’t need to pray, they didn’t need to speak any language, they went after something –the palliatives– but in the case of revolution, it would be emancipation.

“When individuals hear about revolution, they solely attain the sanitised model of the tip product. People did not know the French revolution lasted greater than 10 years earlier than it turned well-known and nicely studied and a number of the individuals who participated within the revolution carried out a purple marketing campaign through which they exterminated themselves. 

“The Cuba revolution didn’t happen in 2 weeks. It happened over a long period of time. But here, people want the revolution to happen just now. If it is not happening in two weeks… the tricky part of revolution people don’t know is that the masses make a revolution happen and the moment it happens, the masses go back to where they were. 

“Nigeria is able to assembly all these circumstances and a style of it for me was #EndSARS.

“Revolution will make itself clear when it is successful, it will target the oppressive class, the liars, gerrymanders, the loan sharks, and even landlords; that’s how far it will go. 

“It will get to a degree the place individuals will cease going to the church buildings they had been going earlier than the revolution. They will realise that a few of these church buildings and mosques had been truly a part of the organised gang-up that had withheld their emancipation all these years. 

“In terms of the outcome, it is to bring about a new social order, political order, financial order; an order that is egalitarian. When you use the word ‘egalitarian’, people laugh at you because it is like some bogus word for motivational speeches. 

“I believe now we have an idea of what Nigeria needs to be, I used to have a small crew of individuals round me who believed that we may use the web to spark an inside rebellion in Nigeria whereas we had been overseas. The context that was behind our writings in these days was to get individuals to say ‘look, sufficient is sufficient’ however sadly, we did not obtain that as a result of it wanted to go to the subsequent stage and that was taking the mandatory danger of leaving no matter behind and taking a dive into the mud, which is Nigeria… At the tip of the day, my job may simply be to make it occur and watch another person do it.”

Sowore said while many Nigerians understand what it takes to fix the country, the majority have demonstrated the needed commitment to make it a reality. 

“I believe now we have an thought of what we wish Nigeria to be, what we’ve not been capable of clarify is the extent of dedication persons are prepared to place into this,” he said.

“We are at that stage of revolutionary confusion the place individuals do not even know if the options offered to them are match for his or her future however I believe typically now we have sufficient individuals who have assets to find out the longer term that we want. 

“The resources that we don’t have enough of, are the courageous men and women who are willing. I would admit that that’s still lacking. As soon as we have the number, I’d guarantee you that the rest is settled.”

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Why Revolution Is The Only Solution For Nigeria — Activist, Sowore

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