Why British Power Will Prevail Over Nnamdi Kanu’s Matter – IPOB Leader’s Lawyer

Aloy Ejimakor, the authorized counsel for the chief of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has stated that the British authorities will finally have an higher hand over the Nigerian authorities within the case of his consumer.

The lawyer stated the Nigerian authorities’s show of stubbornness in obeying the regulation and following human rights procedures might result in diplomatic fracture between the 2 nations. 

Why British Power Will Prevail Over Nnamdi Kanu’s Matter – IPOB Leader’s Lawyer 2

He expressed this whereas responding to a query on whether or not the British High Commission is doing sufficient to assist the secessionist chief that has been within the custody of the Department of the State Services (DSS) since June.

The authorized practitioner asserted that despite the fact that the British Consulate, in addition to Kanu’s authorized representatives, are being annoyed by the Nigerian authorities, justice will prevail within the case of the IPOB chief.

Ejimakor stated this in an unique interview with SaharaReporters on Sunday.

“I cannot really say for certain that the British High Commission is not doing enough in helping Nnamdi Kanu. It’s like saying the lawyers are not doing enough. You can see the frustration we are passing through as lawyers. It’s illustrative that there are frustrations other interested parties might also be passing through that they are not talking about because of some diplomatic niceties.

“But one thing I can tell you is that in the end, British power and outrage will prevail. Britain does not have a reputation of abandoning its citizens in distress. What we are looking at is most probably patient diplomacy that will as soon come to maturation and produce results.

“I hope the intransigence of the Nigerian government will not push the British to resort to similar measures taken over the Umaru Dikko attempted extraordinary rendition in 1984, where people went to jail and diplomatic relations soured for two years.

“Still, I’m profoundly concerned that the urgency Kanu’s matter demands won’t be submerged under some complex foreign relations issues no one knows about. In the interim, what his situation immediately demands from the British is what is called ‘Consular Assistance’, geared to basically his welfare and a sense of appreciation of the raw illegality that saw him brought to Nigeria. As a citizen in good standing, he deserves that much, plus more,” Ejimakor stated.

Speaking on the following line of authorized motion in opposition to the DSS who didn’t carry Kanu to court docket on July 26 and in addition barred his attorneys from seeing him regardless of an order by a Federal High Court, Ejimakor stated a Form 48 was filed in that regard.

“Well, a Form 48 was filed. It is a Notice of Consequences of Disobedience of Court Order. That was filed on Friday by my colleague, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor. That was supposed to warn the DSS of the consequences of disobeying the order on visitation with Mazi Kanu.

“When someone disobeys a court order, you file a Form 48 to let him know there are consequences. So, by Monday, we are going to make another go at visiting Mazi Kanu, based on the tenor of the same order.

 “Well, it can be very frustrating not being able to commune with your client. It complicates his defence and it strains constitutionality. This Form 48, as I mentioned earlier, is to tell them the consequences of their disobedience to this order. So, it’s a warning. It tells the person violating the order he could be held in contempt. The registrar of the court issues the Form.

“If that does not bring them to obedience, the next step is a Form 49 which is to show cause why they could not be committed to prison for disobeying the order. If they disregard a Form 49, it will pitch the Court against them. But in reality, it’s very tough for the courts to bring the DSS to answer for contempt. Even recent history bears that out. That’s the sad truth,” Ejimakor continued.

The IPOB chief’s lawyer additionally admitted that the Nigerian authorities has an unpleasant catalogue of disobeying court docket orders, including the Nigerian folks, the worldwide group and the media have a task to play in getting justice for Kanu.

“In that case, the detainee suffers isolation, the lawyers and the courts are frustrated and justice is thrown to the dogs. The only thing left is to then appeal to the conscience of Nigerians, the international community and the free media.

“We are discussing this matter like it’s some kind of game but it is a very serious matter when a government is notorious for serially disobeying court orders. It should offend the conscience of our society and it should stop forthwith. In this very case, any day Mazi Kanu stays without visitation is an extra day in solitary confinement and I wonder what the DSS stands to gain from that,” Ejimakor added.

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Why British Power Will Prevail Over Nnamdi Kanu’s Matter – IPOB Leader’s Lawyer

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