We’ve been dwelling in darkness for 4 months, Osun communities lament


*It has elevated insecurity—Community consultant

*Our companies are dying – artisans

*We’re engaged on the defective transformer – IBEDC

By Shina Abubakar

Residents and enterprise homeowners in  the six communities of Ife-North Local Government Area of Osun State have lamented the dearth of electrical energy provide within the cities for about 4 months.

The affected communities are Ipetumodu, Edunabon, Moro, Yakooyo, Asipa and Akinlalu.

Despite the situation of a 7.5MVA substation at Moro, the communities have been with out electrical energy provide for about 4 months, thereby leading to hardship for college kids, artisans, petty merchants and residents.

Several greater establishments are situated within the council space, together with, Obafemi Awolowo University’s Distance Learning Centre in Moro, Oduduwa University, in Ipetumodu, Foreign Links College of Health Technology, Moro. The scenario has created a dense scholar inhabitants within the communities.

Students protest energy outage

Recently, college students of upper establishments and residents within the communities launched into a peaceable protest to register their grievances in opposition to the blackout.

Their spokesperson, Oludare Akinola, disclosed that the scenario has made examine hectic for them and their youthful ones in secondary colleges across the communities.

Akinola mentioned: “We are tired of the present situation in the communities. For four months now we have not had a minute of electricity supply in any of the towns. “Besides, the difficulty it subjected us to about study, living daily has become an issue. We are here to say enough is enough. Every concerned authority should, as a matter of urgency, provide a solution to the situation before it becomes a crisis.”

Blackout growing insecurity—Community leaders

Meanwhile, leaders of the varied communities in a chat with Vanguard mentioned the 4 months blackout has, aside from making dwelling troublesome for residents, encourages insecurity within the affected cities.

Speaking by means of the President of Ipetumodu Progressive Union, Dr Sunday Oyebowale mentioned the 7.5MVA transformer sub-station at Moro has packed up and can also be not ample for the populace within the areas.

Oyebowale mentioned: “It is very sad and disheartening to note that communities in Ife-North Local Government Area has been experiencing total blackout for four months now and nothing has been done by Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, IBEDC, to alleviate our problem.

“The blackout has been encouraging kidnapping of people, as we know that when there is no light, it is easy to perpetrate different types of crime. The non-supply of electricity has encouraged theft in the communities. At Asipa community, a shop was looted by thieves who took advantage of the darkness; this same problem had been reported in many areas in the local government.

“Our economic activities have been paralysed as people using electricity for their businesses; find it very difficult to transact their businesses. This needs urgent attention so that society will not become desolate. Ife-North has been known for peace but this absence of light has made it to be a lawless society where different people just come into the Local Government unchallenged at night. Our state government and the IBEDC must make sure that positive steps are taken before things go out of hand. 

“People, who deal with frozen food businesses, are suffering because there is no electricity to freeze their foods and many of them have turned to debtors due to the damage of their wares like fish, turkey and meat of all kinds. Artisans like welders, hairdressers and electricians are suffering because of a lack of electricity supply. “We have written several letters to the State Government and the IBEDC even to their main office in Ibadan but nothing has been done. We are urging people in authority and the Federal Government to stand up and assist us so that we won’t continue to suffer.”

Artisans lament

Also lamenting, chairman of the Welders Association in Ife North, Lateef Osunshina mentioned the blackout has fully crippled their enterprise

Osunshina mentioned: “We have no electricity to use for our businesses. This has affected us greatly to the extent that feeding our family and other responsibilities have been difficult. Some of our members have abandoned their workshops for farming and commercial motorcycle business. We have lost millions due to this blackout. We are fed up.

“We appeal to the state government and the management of IBEDC to, as a matter of urgency, rescue the communities from economic difficulties”.

Also, Chairman, Electronic Technicians Association within the council, Bamidele Oladele, mentioned feeding their households has turn out to be a significant problem as a result of they might not work as a result of blackout.

“This lack of electricity has affected our work in so many ways. Feeding has become a problem for our members. We are as good as being jobless because we need electricity in our line of business. 

“This issue of blackout has led to increasing in robbery, joblessness, poverty. Not all of us can afford to use generators.”

We’re engaged on the defective transformer – IBEDC

However, the administration of IBEDC, whereas interesting to the communities to be affected person over the scenario, disclosed that the 7.5MVA substation has not packed up.

The Senior Communication Officer, Owoeye Kikelomo mentioned the ability was defective and a contractor was engaged to restore it.

Kikelomo mentioned: “The substation is not overloaded or packed up as alleged, the transformer developed fault and effort is on to get it back online.

“We appreciate the patient of the communities and their cooperation all the while, but I am ensuring them that the company is doing everything possible to return electricity supply to the areas.”

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We’ve been dwelling in darkness for 4 months, Osun communities lament

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