Unlike Justice Oluwa, most young judges are not upright —Femi Okunnu

Unlike Justice Oluwa, most young judges  are not upright —Femi Okunnu
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By Dapo Akinrefon

FORMER Federal Commissioner for Works through the navy authorities of General Yakubu Gowon, Alhaji Femi Okunnu, SAN, yesterday, slammed some new crop of judges within the nation saying they can’t be described as upright or disciplined like Justice Oluwa throughout his days.

Okunnu additionally described the late Justice Isiaka Oluwa as a disciplined and upright decide who influenced his authorized profession.

The former Federal Works Commissioner mentioned this at a press convention whereas paying glowing tribute to the late Oluwa.

He mentioned: “I called Justice Oluwa my uncle till his death, I was close to him. As an upright judge, he influenced me because when you go to his court, you must be punctual. Incidentally, he passed on that discipline to me and to some of us in practice and on to some young judges. So, in that way, he passed on to us his discipline and uprightness. Whether you were his son, a relation, or whatever, whenever you brought a case before him (Oluwa) there were no special favours. Not only for me, but some other people who practiced before him can say that of Justice Oluwa.”

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On how the late Justice Oluwa will be immortalized, Okunnu mentioned: “Only God is immortal. It is the good work you do that people will remember you for. I am not one of those who would say they should name a school after him or the area after him. If the Lagos State government wants to do that, it is fine but let us all live as equals in this country.”

Speaking additional, he mentioned: “When we speak of a decide being upright, it doesn’t apply to lots of the younger judges we’ve got now in Nigeria however this is applicable to Justice Isiaka Oluwa.

“If you came late to his court for one minute past nine in the morning, you are out.”


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Unlike Justice Oluwa, most young judges are not upright —Femi Okunnu

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