Thought of the best way to bury my husband, two youngsters identical day weighs me down —Widow of man who died after suya meal

Thought of the best way to bury my husband, two youngsters identical day weighs me down —Widow of man who died after suya meal 2

•My hope to learn regulation shattered — daughter

•I ‘ve written to gov Ikpeazu for help — son

By Steve Oko

Mrs. Chinoyerem Ogba, 45, the window of Umuahia-based electrician who died together with his two children, and four other children of a family friend after suya and fruit juice meal, has said that life has not been the same for her again since  the tragic incident.

The window who also ate the meal but was lucky to escape death although by the whiskers told Saturday Vanguard in an exclusive interview that she was still feeling dizzy and sleepless over the tragedy.

She said that the thought of burying her husband and two children who died after the controversial meal was too much for her to bear.

The mother of four who spoke to our Correspondent jointly with her teenage daughter, Ijeoma, who also survived the tragedy, said she was still being traumatized by the thought of the whole scenario.

Narrating her ordeal, she said her husband returned from work with her second son who he went out with and brought home suya and fruit juice.

She said she was the one who shared it to everyone including four children of a family friend who were on holiday in their house.

According to her after the meal they sat back in the palour to watch television at their family house, a small bungalow located at Umueze suburb of Umuahia.

She said she could not explain what really transpired as she was discovered unconscious and rushed to the hospital the following day.

Corroborating her account, the daughter who said she also ate of the meal said that she had left them at the palour and went to her room to sleep.

She said she woke up the next day to find other members of the family including the visiting four kids “ cold and dead” at the palour, adding that her mother was lying unconscious

on the floor of the room next to the palour. On the actual cost of the mysterious death the survivors said they could not speculate as the result of the autopsy had not been disclosed to them.

She said that if her second son who went out with the husband on the fateful day had survived the tragedy, he probably would be in a better position to explain where they bought the controversial suya and fruit juice.

Mrs. Chinoyerem said her heart jerks when she remembers her darling husband, two wonderful children and four lovely kids of their family friend were all gone.

“ Something has gone out of me. My life is shattered!” She sobbed.

The woman said she still felt dizzy adding that since  she was discharged from the Federal Medical Centre Umuahia where she was treated, she had not been receiving any further medical attention.

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“ Somebody was coming to check my blood pressure but for two weeks now she hasn’t come. I really feel heavy inside me”.

Asked if the late husband had any quarrel with anyone earlier than the incident, the widow mentioned no, including that the household has no points with anyone.

She additionally mentioned she couldn’t clarify if the tragedy was because of generator fume as being speculated in some quarters, saying that their producing set has been staying on the identical location.

She mentioned that life had been very difficult and depressing to the household for the reason that incident, including that for the reason that proprietor of the store the place her husband was promoting electrical elements bought it, they’ve been with out a store.

The widow who mentioned she was but to return to phrases with the truth of the tragedy pleaded with the state authorities to not abandon the household.

Her first daughter who mentioned she utilized for regulation on the Abia State University Uturu, mentioned the tragedy had shattered her hope.

She mentioned the incident remained a puzzle, including that solely God is aware of what occurred.

Adding his voice, the primary and surviving son of the household, Victor who was away at school on the fateful day mentioned his father was the bread winner of the household.

The 200 degree Public Health undergraduate of the Abia State University Uturu mentioned he had previously written to Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu, soliciting authorities help within the burial and for the survival of the household.

“ It has not been easy on us because my father was the bread winner of the family. I have written to the Governor for help especially in the burial but I have not received any response.

“I was told to submit the letter at the Secret Office in Government House which I did but I’m still expecting response. I will also appreciate if Government can assist me with a place I can be working to take care of the family and complete my course, and train my sister”.

Victor may be reached on 08107024615.

Meanwhile the 4 youngsters of the household pal have been buried final week amid wailing by members of the family and sympathizers.

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Thought of the best way to bury my husband, two youngsters identical day weighs me down —Widow of man who died after suya meal

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