State Broadcast: It’s time to renegotiate, restructure, reinvent Nigeria — Akeredolu

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Current system now not sustainable

Over centralization of safety structure a serious obstacle 

Asks National Assembly to expunge provisions militating towards march in direction of nationhood in structure 

Dayo Johnson – Akure

Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has stated that now could be the time to renegotiate, restructure and reinvent the nation for the great of all.

Akeredolu in a statewide broadcast in commemoration of the 2021 Independence Day Celebration known as for pressing restructuring of the nation to replicate the range and tackle the assorted misunderstandings and excessive charge of criminality within the polity. 

While saying that the present system adopted within the county doesn’t encourage ingenuity, the governor famous that it’s time for all patriots to unite and converse with one voice . 

He maintained that the present system within the nation doesn’t bear in mind the varied standing of the folks, including that the nation faces severe challenges bordering on redefinition. 

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“It has become imperative that the current structure be tinkered with in a fundamental way. It is no longer sustainable. 

While noting that the country must not shy away from the reality of her diversity, the Governor said the unique diversity which should ordinarily be a source of strength is gradually becoming the country’s albatross. 

He said: “Our country is blessed abundantly. There is hardly any part of this vastly endowed space that should not be self-sustaining. This land should not be a place where hunger, poverty and a general sense of lack predominate. 

“We must be bold enough to interrogate why these challenges appear perennial. We must not shy away from the reality of our diversity which should, ordinarily, be a source of strength but is gradually becoming an albatross.

“We must inquire for the reasons why those who regarded themselves as brothers and sisters no longer feel comfortable seeing or accommodating one another.

” We have to be keen to confront no matter system which has lowered the as soon as self-reliant sub-national entities to perpetual dependencies virtually. 

“The states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria appear independent nominally at present.  Serious attempts must be made to return our country to the path of progress trodden by the founding fathers. 

“Conscious efforts must be made by both the political and communal leadership in all the parts of the country to reorientate the people to embrace the pristine values which held lofty promises for advancement.

“Consequently, I am of the firm view that this occasion affords us yet another opportunity to reflect deeply, on the current difficulties and proffer frank suggestions which will assist in addressing our fundamental challenges of nationhood.

“Our people must strive under a system which recognize their God-given talents and promotes unique initiatives. All federating units must be less dependent on the Federal Government for basic survival.” 

Governor Akeredolu, who recommended the Federal Government for the present victories recorded within the conflict towards insurgents and terrorists within the Northern area, additionally acknowledged the good strides taken in abridging the infrastructural deficits within the nation.  

“We must, however, admonish on the immediate necessity to restructure the polity in a manner that will engender progress and amity. There is no other way to solve the current socio-economic problems facing the country.

“The security challenges bedeviling the country will become a thing of the past if proper devolution of powers is undertaken. The over centralization of the security architecture is a major impediment. 

“Having a police command structure in a country of over 200 million is not sustainable. The attempts by some states to complement the efforts of the security agencies are at best tokenistic. Let each State be in charge of internal security in its locality.

“As a corollary to this submission, each region must be encouraged to take charge of the resources in its area. A system which permits strangers to take over the mineral resources in a place without any recourse to local authorities encourages dispossession and promotes misery and want. Development of any given space must be about the people,”Governor Akeredolu famous. 

He known as on the legislators on the National Assembly to look critically into the 1999 Constitution as amended with a view to expunging and amending related provisions of the doc which militate towards the march in direction of nationhood.

Akeredolu additionally known as on Citizens to rededicate themselves to the beliefs which assisted different nations to determine abiding methods. 

The Governor stated: “We must restructure the country to reflect our diversity. We must pursue policies which support rebirth. We must interrogate, continually, an arrangement which ensures that a country richly like ours endowed continues to wallow in abject poverty and want. 

“We must make the country work for posterity. It is time to renegotiate, restructure and reinvent Nigeria for the good of all.”

He congratulated the folks of the State for witnessing this yr Independence anniversary, saying it’s his hope that the following one yr will report outstanding progress for the advantage of the folks.

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State Broadcast: It’s time to renegotiate, restructure, reinvent Nigeria — Akeredolu

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