Shiites Defy Nigerian Security Forces, Hold Massive Protest In Kaduna

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria held a protest in Kaduna State on Friday to demand the release of their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, and wife, Zeenat.

Anti-riot policemen had on Wednesday in Abuja dispersed the protesting Shiites with teargas and water cannons in a similar protest.

The movement had vowed not to be deterred in the demand for justice irrespective of the intimidation by the police and other security agencies.

Speaking during the protest, Sheikh Aliyu Tirmizi said the Nigerian Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari had continued to trample on the rights of Zakzaky and Shiites in the country. 

He posited that the President had derailed from the teaching of Prophet Muhammad.

He said, “Most people, after the gross flagrant abuse of power by the military on Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers couldn’t express their condemnation, choosing to remain silent since the military excesses didn’t affect them directly.

“This explains why for the past five years we have been explaining how this Buhari regime has trampled upon the rights of Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers, demanding that citizens condemn this repression and call for the release of our leader unconditionally.”

He insisted that members of the movement, despite proscription by the Nigerian Government, would continue to protest and demand the release of El-Zakzaky.

The movement had accused the Kaduna State Government of resorting to delay tactics in the prosecution of their leader in order to continually keep him in prison.

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