Senior Staff Of National Intelligence Agency Accuse DG Of Witch-hunt, Seeks Buhari’s Intervention

Some senior members of staff of the National Intelligence Agency have written President Muhammadu Buhari, urging him to investigate alleged witch-hunt by the Director-General of the NIA, Ahmed Rufai Abubakar.

The staff expressed worry over the recent happenings at the agency, stating that since the appointment of the current leadership of the NIA, the institution has been enmeshed in one form of crisis or the other.

SaharaReporters had reported that senior staff members of the National Intelligence Agency wrote a petition against the nomination of Mr I. A. Yusuf, the agency’s Director of Administration, as an ambassador.

The senior staff also accused the Director-General of unilaterally making decisions without consulting other members of the Senior Management Committee.

The staff said following the petition, the DG embarked on a vengeance mission targeted at perceived adversaries who have at different times disagreed with him on certain issues.

“This sad development has heightened the already tense atmosphere of mutual suspicion and uncertainty between some senior members of staff unhappy with his unprofessional leadership style and the DG.

“This situation, insiders and observe alike believe, would be inimical to national security and cordial working relationship in the agency that needs to be checkmated without any further delay,” the senior staff said.

They recounted how the DG loaned the Senate leadership $7m without approval from the senior management committee.

“Even though the DG has denied that the loan has been repaid, our investigations, and information obtained from a very senior official of the National Assembly, it was confirmed that $7m loaned to the leadership of the National Assembly has been fully repaid.

“The money was returned to NIA in instalments, through the Director of Administration, Mr I A Yusuf, by a former governor of one of the North-West states.

“But up till now, the money has neither been returned to the accounts section, nor recorded, or acknowledged anywhere in the financial records or balances of the Agency. We strongly believe that plans have been perfected to misappropriate this money,” they wrote.

The senior staff are urging President Buhari to, as a matter of urgency, to constitute an external committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding this transaction, and to determine if the Director-General has the powers to loan NIA operational funds to persons or organizations, and who authorized the release of the funds

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