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According to a scholar, “International law does not exist but International politics does”. This can be easily linked with the recent happenings on the world stage or world affairs. Self-interest and permanent position are being made with the West throwing weight behind a former Soviet Union region — Ukraine. Russia, a communist state and a powerful country in the East has strategically pinpointed the fact, that the alliance between Ukraine and Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should never erect or be in motion.

Moving to the crux of the issue, it would be recalled that in the last decade, two regions broke out of Ukraine – Donetsk and Luhansk – “people’s republics”. Russia has been accused of supporting the rebels. While Ukraine has significantly sought help from USA and NATO, condemning the threats of Russia in claiming and governing her regions as a “Big brother”. Vladimir Putin’s moves have been highly condemned by the West, while also emphatically stressing that, a sovereign nation must always be a sovereign nation according to the UN charter.

How did we arrive here? These are the viable things you need to know…

1. What led to the recent crisis in the region?

Like it has been explained earlier, the alliances of Ukraine with the West can be said to have led to the invasion of Ukrainian territory by the Russian government. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin defended his mobilization of 150,000 foot soldiers to the Ukrainian border as a form of “peace-keeping mission” in order to ease the tensions of the regions that broke away from Ukraine in the last decade. Ukraine nullified this claim while stretching out her hand to seek help from the West and intermittently claiming that, the Russian government is only trying to control her region.

However, on Feb. 22, 2022, Russia has successfully attacked the territory when Ukrainian President,  Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, “two Russian fighter jets have been brought down”.

2. What does Putin want?

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin is channelling his emotions into what he doesn’t want. He simply doesn’t want NATO and the West to come near the former Soviet Union’s territories, while they are easily controlling the West without the East controlling or prying into their affairs, the East should also be given utmost respect in controlling her territories. Ukraine joining NATO means two things: firstly, its alliance with the West will grow stronger. Before it was a mere proposition to join, its joining of NATO will easily subdue the power of Putin indirectly. Secondly, NATO will establish a base at the Ukrainian border making it easy access to view, know and make more research about the military strength of Russia.

In December, Vladimir Putin was said to have been seeking validation from the western powers which would make NATO stop moving or deploying its military to the Eastern part of Europe. Also, according to valid sources, he was said to have been dialoguing with West to seek a “legal guarantee” rather than a “verbal agreement”

3. Will Russia face economic sanctions?

World leaders have been said to have placed a restriction on Russia and the implications will surely affect the economic stability of the country. Joe Biden as of 25th February 2022, have placed calls to other European countries while calling for a ban or impeccable economic transactions with Russia. Also, many USA economic transactions with Russia have been banned until further notice. According to a verified source, Roman Abramovich, a close associate of Putin and one of the richest men of Russia, has been banned from entering England. All these sanctions are to call Vladimir Putin into order.

4. Will Ukraine still join NATO?

The crisis in Ukraine has been an enormous one. Nobody is sure of the outcome. People are trapped in Ukraine – Students, Business tycoons and many more. Airspace has been closed. Nothing is entering nor going out. According to the NATO charter, any country that is experiencing chaos within its border shall not be allowed to join unless there is no dispute again.

5. Will the UN, USA or countries from the West join the war against Russia?

The United States of America can only support the Ukrainian by placing economic restrictions on Ukraine. And also supporting financially. The USA will never join the war because there’s always respect for territories when it comes to international politics.

United Nations will also try as much as possible to converse with the Russian President in order to halt the bloody assassination of humans but the truth of it all is that countries of the world can only dialogue with Russia, place sanctions and many more. The height of it all is that currently, Russia is leading the United Nations Security Council. Let’s wait and see how situations unfold.


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