Rule of law should not be optional — Belgore

Rule of law should not be optional — Belgore

Foremost lawyer Muhammad Dele Belgore (SAN) has stated significant progress within the justice sector in Nigeria would depend upon the rule of regulation making use of to everybody and never simply to a phase of the society.

“The rule of law is not optional, it is not a tool of convenience, you are talking about progress, and what is the rule of law in this instance? It is running the society in an orderly fashion based on the law,” Belgore stated late Friday on a Channels TV programme to commemorate the 21st anniversary of Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

“What that means is that everybody is subject to the law. The highest person in government is just a subject of the law as your ordinary person. But when it suits the powers that be, they obey court orders, when it doesn’t suit them, they do not obey court orders. That, for me, is the biggest obstacle and the biggest drawback to the rule of law.”

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Belgore additionally stated he supported the arguments for technology-driven and quicker approaches to the regulation however he warned that such mechanisms should not sacrifice justice for all of the events concerned.

He additionally referred to as for attitudinal change within the sector, saying no laws or know-how can exchange the necessity for each stakeholder to alter their angle to the rule of regulation.

He added: “Delay is a operate of quite a few issues; one, it’s a operate of the regulation, it’s a operate of the judges, and it’s a operate of the foundations by which they function.

“The Administration of Criminal Justice Act has attempted to cut the delays, but you have got to change people’s attitude. If you don’t change their attitudes, if you have new laws but people are still operating with the same attitude, you are not going to get much in terms of progress. Also, we have to bear in mind the fact that justice must not be rushed. In an attempt to cure delay, you might cause injustice.”

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