Please, save my life for sake of my children, woman with chronic kidney disease cries out

Please, save my life for sake of my children
Oge Azike

I’m Oge Azike, a wife and a mother of two boys. I used to be a teacher, then an interior designer before I was diagnosed of a chronic kidney disease in 2017.

I had battled with this kidney disease till 2019 when both of my kidneys failed. I started dialysis twice a week to clean the toxins from my system that my kidneys used to do without which I will die. We had in mind to save for a transplant but in 2020, Covid19 struck.

My husband lost his job, I had a lot of complications from my dialysis tunnel, (this is a site created through minor surgery for the dialysis to be carried out), hence I was not getting enough dialysis as I should get.

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Things started going downhill for me. I even had another surgery to get a fistula(another form of access for dialysis) for my dialysis but this gave me a very terrible complication on my left arm which started swelling up. All we tried to save from kind people’s help has gone into trying to resolve this complication but it is rather getting worse. The doctors adviced that the only remedy to this complication which is damaging the organs at my left side, like my breast and lung is to do an emergency transplant.

My dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you in the name of God, help me out, I’m dying. As at yesterday, the doctors were saying I need this transplant as urgent as possible so that the damage of this fistula complication doesn’t become permanent. Please help me. Do not let me die for the sake of my little children who need me, please save me.

The surgeries for the transplant and correcting the complications will cost #15,000,000. I know that with you my brothers and sisters, it’s going to be possible, no amount is too small please. God bless you as you come to my aid. Below are my bank details:

Bank: Firstbank plc

Name: Oge E. Azike

Acc. Number: ‪3030526340‬

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Please, save my life for sake of my children, woman with chronic kidney disease cries out

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