Olajide’s Murder: Buhari Regime Must Drop All Charges Against Sowore, Says TakeItBack Movement

The TakeItBack Movement has called on the President Muhammadu Buhari regime to drop all charges levelled against human rights’ activist, Omoyele Sowore, following the brutal murder of his brother, Olajide Sowore, by suspected kidnappers on Saturday.

In a statement issued by its Director of Communications, Public Relations and Media, Chidi Nwanyanwu, the body reiterated its stance that the Buhari regime should be held responsible for the death of the younger Sowore.

Olajide's Murder: Buhari Regime Must Drop All Charges Against Sowore, Says TakeItBack Movement 2

TakeItBack stated that the “draconian” Buhari’s regime had not only seized Sowore’s freedom but had, through incompetence, caused the death of his younger brother.

It urged the government to immediately put an end to the incarceration of Sowore and allow him to perform his duties in the burial rites of Olajide.

The statement read, “The TakeItBack Movement seizes this moment to once again commiserate with our convener, his family and millions of his supporters and well-wishers over the assassination of Jide Sowore, Yele Sowore’s younger brother.

“In line with our previous statement dated the 4th of September, 2021, we insist that the killing of Mr. Jide Sowore by yet-to-be-identified men of the underworld is highly reprehensible and we will continue to hold the regime of Mohammad Buhari responsible for this gruesome murder.

“Needless to say, Omoyele Sowore who remains the breadwinner of his family has not only had his brother taken away from him by the draconic and highly incompetent regime, but the Buhari Junta is also preventing him from performing his role as the first son of the family over the burial arrangement of his brother.

“In like manner, the Buhari Junta has also prevented Yele Sowore from playing the role of a father to his children and a husband to his wife over the past two years. Aside from keeping him in illegal detention for five months, the regime has kept him under city detention since 2019.

“The tyrannical regime has consistently manipulated the judicial system into keeping him under city detention despite having no single evidence against every allegation brought against him. For more than two years, the regime has not been able to prove a single thing in court aside delays and further delays.

“But within these two years of unjust incarceration, Sowore has been illegally imprisoned on two occasions, tortured and shot at and nearly assassinated by police.

“It is in the light of the aforementioned that we seize this moment to demand his immediate and unconditional release from city detention. Forthwith, we also demand that government immediately drops all charges against him and other political prisoners who like Sowore have been subjected to unjust detention and malicious prosecution.

“While calling for a permanent end to insecurity and bloodletting in the country, we also agree with millions of Nigerians that the Buhari regime and the system he represents is totally incapable of providing even the basics of governance to the Nigerian people and should be sent packing without delay.”

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Olajide's Murder: Buhari Regime Must Drop All Charges Against Sowore, Says TakeItBack Movement

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