Nigerian Soldier Exposes “Atrocities”, Negligence By Brigade Commander In Damasak, Leading To Death Of 26 Soldiers, Seeks Investigation

Two troopers have been killed on Monday evening by Boko Haram terrorists in Damasak city, Mobbar Local Government of Borno State. 

A navy supply advised SaharaReporters that the troopers’ loss of life was attributable to the negligence of the Brigade Commander, SS Tilawan, who deployed troopers to an enclosed area with out the fitting gear. 

Nigerian Soldier Exposes "Atrocities", Negligence By Brigade Commander In Damasak, Leading To Death Of 26 Soldiers, Seeks Investigation 2

The supply advised SaharaReporters that terrorists had killed 26 troopers inside six months of the deployment of the Brigadier General to the world, which was previously a no-go space for terrorists. 

According to him, the Brigade Commander has subjected troopers to untold hardship that led to the resignation of about seven troopers from the navy base. 

He referred to as on the worldwide neighborhood and Chief of Defence Staff to look into the plights of the troopers at Damasak navy base and examine the Brigade Commander to know what may doubtless be the causes of the deaths. 

He additionally urged the Chief of Army Staff, Farouk Yahaya, and Chief of Defence Staff, Lucky Irabor, to research SS Tilawan.

He stated, “Brigade Commander, Brigadier General SS Tilawan. Boko Haram terrorists have been attacking here since he came to Damasak.

“Yesterday, he dismissed two troopers, these are folks that have spent 21 years in service and he dismissed them for no cause. He deranked some folks yesterday. 

“We were still sympathizing with them then later at night; Boko Haram killed two soldiers at Damasak town at night. 

“Tilawan took troopers there and caged them with a barbed wire within the title of performing obligation. Then at evening, Boko Haram terrorists got here on foot however our troopers don’t have evening imaginative and prescient goggles to see at evening; the Boko Haram guys got here to steal two autos there and killed the troopers. 

“The helicopter that came to evacuate their dead bodies just left here now. This is the same Brigadier General SS Tilawan that more than a battalion died during his regime in Jos.

“This is similar man that 24 troopers ( plus at the moment’s loss of life making 26 troopers) have died below his command inside six months that he got here to Damasak. 

“This man has come to disorganize everything, every pattern was changed. These people that died have stayed in this operation for five years plus, going to six years, yet the Nigerian Army has refused to change those of us here for overstay.”

Read the remainder of his story beneath:

 “No good welfare, people are still dying for nothing. A soldier will have a problem; the commander will not release him to go and solve that problem, his mother might die, he will not be allowed to go for the burial. Many things are happening at the same time. 

“No matter what you wish to do, even in the event you cry, he won’t launch you. A soldier can have a marriage, the commander won’t launch the particular person, even when the soldier cries out blood, nothing will occur. He won’t enable the particular person to go for the marriage until the day he needs however instantly a soldier dies, the Commander would be the one to name a helicopter to come back and take the useless physique simply as they took the 2 troopers that died yesterday evening. 

“Some other soldiers are even missing up till now. They have not been located. I don’t know what the Chief of Army staff is waiting for before querying this man SS Tilawan whose command is to lose souls. This is what happened in Jos; the same Tilawan took people he was training in a bus. They died, till today, nothing happened, no investigation. 

” I do not blame the chief of military workers; all of them are dancing to the identical tune. If not, why ought to somebody like the previous Chief of Army workers nonetheless be alive, somebody that hundreds of troopers died below him? The subsequent factor the Nigerian authorities will do is compensate him with an ambassadorial place to hold out one other terrorist act over there.

“Since they have refused to come and change us after six years here, they will come by force; the COAS will hear what will happen that will make him change us; it seems he wants to damage his regime. 

“Does he not know that the routine in protection is that overstay troopers should be modified, different issues should even be appeared into. I’m not even calling on COAS however the Defence Chief ought to come and see what’s going on in 5 brigade Damasak; the Brigade Commander has ruined all the pieces; he thinks the Nigerian Army is an organization.

” We are very angry. Two soldiers were dismissed yesterday by the same man and that same night; we lost two soldiers again because of the negligence of the same person. 

“Seven folks have left the Army in our Brigade right here since this man got here, due to hardship, hunger, and no gear. The commander is rather like a colonial grasp that wishes to kill us; how can somebody serve for a few years and be dismissed for no cause as a result of they refuse to just accept illegal orders? 

” Let there be an investigation to know whether what we are saying is a lie. Nigeria should come to our rescue.”

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Nigerian Soldier Exposes "Atrocities", Negligence By Brigade Commander In Damasak, Leading To Death Of 26 Soldiers, Seeks Investigation

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