Nigerian Passport Ranks 101 Among 199 Countries, Behind Togo, Chad, Others

The Nigerian passport is ranked one hundred and first out of 199 nations, in keeping with the rating carried out by the Henley Passport Index, described as the unique, authoritative rating of all of the world’s passports.

The index ranks passports, in keeping with the variety of locations their holders can entry and not using a visa.

Nigerian Passport Ranks 101 Among 199 Countries, Behind Togo, Chad, Others 2

A London, United Kingdom-based international citizenship and residence advisory agency, Henley and Partners, defined that the index was primarily based on unique information from the International Air Transport Association — the biggest, most correct journey data database.

Japan is primary on the checklist, adopted by Singapore in second place, and South Korea and Germany tied for third. Italy, Finland, Spain and Luxembourg take the fourth place, whereas Denmark and Austria spherical out the highest 5.

The firm, on July 6, said, “With the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics just weeks away, and the country in a ‘quasi’ state of emergency, Japan nonetheless retains its hold on the number one spot on the HPI — which is based on exclusive data from the IATA — with a theoretical visa-free/visa-on-arrival score of 193.

“While the dominance of European passports in the top 10 has been a given for most of the index’s 16-year history, the pre-eminence of three Asian states — Japan, Singapore, and South Korea — has become the new normal.

“Singapore remains in second place, with a visa-free/visa-on-arrival score of 192, and South Korea continues to share joint-third place with Germany, each with a score of 191.”

Seychelles (twenty eighth) leads all African nations on the checklist, adopted by Mauritius (thirty first), South Africa (57th), Botswana (66th), Namibia (72nd), Lesotho (73rd), Eswatini (seventy fifth), Malawi (76th), Kenya and Tanzania (77th), Zambia and Tunisia (78th), The Gambia (eightieth), Uganda and Cape Verde Islands (81st).

African nations that outperformed Nigeria additionally included Zimbabwe (83rd), Ghana and Morocco (84th), Sierra Leone and Mozambique (eighty fifth), Benin (86th), São Tomé and Príncipe and Rwanda (87th), Mauritania (88th), Burkina Faso (89th), Gabon (ninetieth), and Cote d’Ivoire (91st).

Others have been Senegal, Madagascar and Equatorial Guinea (92nd), Togo and Guinea (93rd), Niger, Mali, Comoro Islands and Chad (94th), Guinea-Bissau, Central African Republic and Algeria (ninety fifth), Egypt, Burundi and Angola (96th), Liberia and Cameroon (97th), Republic of the Congo (98th), and Djibouti (99th).

Nigeria beat solely seven nations on the continent, specifically Ethiopia (102nd), South Sudan (103rd), Eritrea and Democratic Republic of the Congo (104th), Sudan (106th), Libya (107th), and Somalia (111th).

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Nigerian Passport Ranks 101 Among 199 Countries, Behind Togo, Chad, Others

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