Nigeria @ 61: Adebayo proffers answer to nation’s electoral challenges at National Political Summit

.Nigeria @ 61: Adebayo proffers answer to nation’s electoral challenges at National Political Summit 2

Eminent Nigerians yesterday referred to as for a united entrance for the nation to come back out of its present electoral challenges.

They spoke on the 2021 National Political Summit in commemoration of Nigeria’s 61st independence anniversary in Abuja.

Among those that proffered options to the nation’s festering electoral drawback have been the founder and President of KAFTAN TV, Dr. Adewole Adebayo, former chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, former president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), politicians, amongst others.

While congratulating the nation on the event of the 61st independence anniversary, the authorized luminary stated whereas Nigeria is bedevilled with quite a few issues, each citizen has a job to play in guaranteeing the nation is taking out of the wooden.

Adebayo stated, “Let me congratulate us on the occasion of our independence. We have problems but we don’t know how lucky we are that we still have a republic and we need to keep that republic to endure beyond our lifetime.

“Usually in a democracy, I don’t intellectualise issues. The issue of electronic transmission of results, I agree with. I support it. It’s a major and important issue.

“But in a democracy, an important issue can be a marginal issue because there so many issues that are important. And if we ask people who we are representing what they consider to be the major issues they face, you may surprise that the issue of electronic voting is not the top of their problems”, Adebayo stated.

The media mogul, who was among the many lead audio system, the Nigerians intellectuals ought to transfer past coverage to follow.

The theme of the National Political Summit was “RESTORING THE LEGITIMACY OF THE NIGERIAN STATE: The Imperative For Electronic Transmission Of Election Results”

Adebayo, who disagreed with different audio system who believed that digital voting was the answer to the nation’s electoral issues, maintained that there are different urgent points that require the mental communities’ consideration.

“So, while looking at the issues of electronic voting, we must understand that there are other important issues that are adjacent to it.

” Unless we’ve a correct political consensus, there isn’t any technical solution to cease loopy, grasping, determined officeholders or office-seekers from manipulating the system.

“We should take electronic voting because it’s common sense. We should not waste much of our time on it because once we are able to achieve electronic voting, we will discover it is just 1 per cent of our electoral problems.

“And every election season, intellectuals come together. They discuss issues while the political establishment that we are trying to correct or trying to push out of the office are busy engaging people directly on emotional issues”.

He additionally stated, “First, we must understand that as we are fluent intellectually, philosophically, so also do the political establishment have their intellectual wing.

“So, they will be throwing a bone, a marginal issue and you would be debating that issue and getting applause for the issue but those issues are not what they are going to do next.

“They would simply get you distracted with those issues. They will engage you but will ensure you are not controlling the raging issue in society. So, we need to be careful and ensure we engage the people directly.

“Second issue is that there is no institution that you interface with the politicians and they will not politicise. To start with, if we go to the root of our problems, we don’t even need INEC.

” The existence of INEC is an aberration as a result of sincere individuals don’t want INEC. In many nations, elections are carried out on the native stage by sincere civil servants. And I used to be within the INEC delegation in 2006 to tour your complete United States of America the place we found that there isn’t any state electoral board and there’s no nationwide electoral board.

” Everything is being finished on the county stage. Here in Nigeria, it’s the desperation of the political class that led to the creation of INEC, pondering that if we’ve a giant physique, someone won’t be dishonest at their native governments. Unfortunately, INEC itself grew to become the reservoir of dishonest.

Adebayo maintained that INEC already has what it takes to conduct electoral voting in Nigeria.

“As we speak today, if INEC wanted to organise electronic voting without going to the National Assembly, they can do so because constitutionally, unless there is an Act of the National Assembly forbidden INEC to do something, INEC inherently has the right to do it. So, INEC going to the National Assembly to request for power to do what they can do is itself suspicious.

“At a time I was in Supreme Court arguing over an election that INEC conducted over card reader. Remember there was a time we thought card readers would cure-all, or solve most, of our problems. Unfortunately, in many states, the card readers were programmed not to work.

” So, for those who spend all of your vitality pursuing digital transmission and, on that day, somebody in INEC switched off the generator, what do you do? So, I don’t need us to be chasing shadow like a cat chasing laser mild.

” Let the leaders of Nigerian intellectuals have interaction the individuals as a result of the federal government can’t rig election with out the individuals.

“The intellectuals must go and reconcile their differences with the people because the politicians that we are criticising are closer to the people and are interacting with them”, Adebayo declared.

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Nigeria @ 61: Adebayo proffers answer to nation’s electoral challenges at National Political Summit

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