Niger Delta Group Demands Nigerian Government, Multinationals’ Intervention Over Rising Water, Land Pollution

The Niger Delta Initiative Austria has known as on the Nigerian authorities and all acceptable authorities notably the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency to look into the problems of neglect in oil-producing communities.

In a press release despatched to SaharaReporters, the NDIA highlighted key components resembling oil spillage ensuing from vandalised pipelines, which it mentioned, has induced well being and ecological hazards to the area and the folks residing therein.

Niger Delta Group Demands Nigerian Government, Multinationals’ Intervention Over Rising Water, Land Pollution 2

NDIA additionally alleged that the hydrocarbon air pollution remediation undertaking arrange by the federal government was roughly a rip-off to mislead the folks because the train solely came about on pages of newspapers.

A press release from the group reads, “In the Niger Delta, the pipes used in advancing the crude oil to export locations or refining points are in shallow grounds and some cases, above the surface of the earth. A drive around the region will give you a clear picture of the messy state of things. The oil pipelines are crisscrossing most parts of the Niger Delta.

“Oil-producing communities are also hugely neglected and denied their fair share of the gains from the sales of the crude oil collected from their lands and waterways. All the oil companies and the federal government offer to them in return are polluted lands and waterfronts that are proficient in causing health and ecological hazards to the region and the people that live there…

“The multinational oil companies doing business in the Niger Delta have targeted the region for their racial and environmental wars. They fail hugely in living up to internationally accepted standards. The companies default in keeping up with their corporate social responsibility- a business model that helps companies be socially accountable to themselves, their stakeholders, and the public. The collaboration of the Nigerian government gives rise to the theft and destruction of equipment used for crude oil production that also facilitates pollution.

“There are also claims supported by confessions that companies like Shell are behind some of these acts of vandalization to enable them to again take them up as cleanup contracts. In a video documentary that featured Comrade Sunny Ofehe, an environmental activist and CEO of the Hope for Niger Delta Campaign Netherlands, produced by ZEMBLER with the following link,, Royal Dutch Shell plc, was perilously implicated in some of these acts of sabotage.

“In May 2021, an oil pipeline operated by the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) at Oviri-Olomu community in Ughelli South local government area of Delta state was vandalized by some people presumed to be leaders of the community. The vandalism was reported first by one of Niger Delta Initiative Austria’s contact whom also hails from the affected community can be viewed with this link

“Since the release of this video, the perpetrators have been targetting the man and his family for possible reprisal. NDIA wants to use this press statement in calling on the Nigerian police and other relevant security agencies in Nigeria to accord Mr Godslove Awhotu, Elder (Chief) A. Peter Edariese, Omavuaye Amrevuawho, and Chief Ben-Johnson Ekere a haven from those after their lives for reporting the vandalisation and the subsequent pollution in Oviri-Olomu to the authorities.

“The Niger Delta Initiative Austria wants to use this medium to call on the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency and all other relevant agencies to move fast in fixing the affected pipeline. NDIA is also asking for the remediation of the environment of the affected communities and compensation duly paid. The Oviri Olomu community and all other sub-clans of Olomu are oil-producing communities and should have their fair dose of what is emanating from their land.

“The Niger Delta Initiative Austria is therefore calling on the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the management of the Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (DESOPADEC) to move swiftly into action and address the pressing needs of these communities and all other coastal towns and villages in the Niger Delta facing related negligence.

“The Niger Delta Initiative Austria (NDIA) is pushing the oil multinationals and the Nigerian government to live up to expectations and be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and most importantly, to the oil-producing communities of the Niger Delta region. NDIA seeks a halt to ecocide in the aquatic ecosystems of the Niger Delta.

“The body also urged multinational companies and their Nigerian counterparts to find a better way to fitly secure their production equipment as it stated that exposure of pipelines beyond earth is below world standards.”

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Niger Delta Group Demands Nigerian Government, Multinationals’ Intervention Over Rising Water, Land Pollution

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