NERC Gives Discos Two Weeks to Explain Uncapped Estimated Billing In Nigeria

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has given the 11 distribution companies two weeks to explain why they have failed to cap the estimated bills given to customers across the country. 

The regulator had in March this year asked Discos to limit the estimated consumption of residential users, who do not have meters to 78 kilo watt per hour (KWH) and the tariff collectable on each kilowatt to N24. 

This meant no Disco could charge any Nigerian home without a prepaid meter N1,872 a month.

The Discos have however, found it impossible to obey the order, leading to the warning tweeted by the electricity regulatory commission on its Twitter handle.

The NERC said, “The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has issued notices of intention to commence enforcement action against the eleven electricity distribution companies over their failure to comply with the Order 197/2020 on capping of unmetered R2 and C1 electricity customers.

“The Discos have 14 days beginning from June 4, 2020, to explain why the Commission should not sanction them over their alleged non-compliance.”

The Discos have come under heavy criticisms from the National Assembly, which has threatened to reverse the privatisation process. 

The Nigerian Government owns a 40 per cent stake in 10 of the Discos and a 100 per cent stake in Yola Disco. 

Its agencies have also continued to owe the distribution companies, even after the 2013 handover to private investors.

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