Lagos Will Run Out Of Bed Space In Three Weeks If We Keep Recording High COVID-19 Cases –Health Commissioner

Abayomi disclosed this at a press briefing in Ikeja, the state capital, on Friday.

He said the state was currently developing strategies for managing asymptomatic patients at home to address the projected rise in number of cases.

He said, “We’ve been testing more. We’ve been escalating our capacity to test for COVID-19 and what we’ve found is that the more we test, the more we find, which is a reflection of the fact that COVID-19 is spreading within the community and we’re finding more cases than we can manage eventually when we project. 

“If we carry on with the rate of positive testing that we are obtaining, we’re going to run out of isolation beds in our established isolation facilities.

“Therefore, we are projecting. If we keep getting 150, 200 positives everyday, in another two or three weeks, even though we’re opening new isolation centres all the time, in time, we’re going to run out of beds.”

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