It’s Nepotism For Nigerian Military To Build Naval Base In Kano When Bayelsa, Others Have None – Pa Edwin Clark

Elder statesman and foremost Ijaw chief, Chief Edwin Clark, has slammed the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Zubairu, over the President Muhammadu Buhari authorities’s plan to ascertain a naval base in Kano State.

In an open letter addressed to Zubairu on Monday, Clark condemned the approval of a naval base in Kano, saying the transfer is likely one of the nepotistic actions by the Buhari’s regime.

It’s Nepotism For Nigerian Military To Build Naval Base In Kano When Bayelsa, Others Have None – Pa Edwin Clark 2

The Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, had earlier requested for the visibility of the Nigerian Navy to strengthen safety within the state, a request that led to the approval of the institution of a naval base within the state. He had additionally allotted 100 hectares of land for the challenge.

But in his letter titled, ‘A Naval Base In Kano In The Heart Of The Sahel?’, the foremost Ijaw chief described the challenge as “an example of putting a square peg in a round hole.”

He mentioned, “That a new Naval Base is being built in the middle of the Sahel which the entire world knows is presently under threat of fast-spreading desertification is totally ill-conceived and with all due respect, parochial.”

Clark disclosed that the federal government ought to arrange coastal areas within the Niger Delta the place a lot of Nigeria’s shoreline exists, including that it’s ridiculous to construct a naval base in Kano when Bayelsa, Delta and different coastal areas don’t have any useful naval base.

He added, “If more Naval Bases are to be set up in the country, what has happened to the coastal states of Nigeria, particularly in the Niger Delta area where much of Nigeria’s shoreline exists and needs to be protected?

“I believe you know that at present there is no serious Naval Base in such serious places such as Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta and Edo States. In Delta State in particular, major coastal towns such as Sapele, where there is need for a naval base, it is sad that there is no functional one.

“There used to be a naval base there, but for reasons best known to the Federal Government, it was downgraded to a training school, and in fact, almost abandoned.

“The so-called Warri Naval Base is nothing to write home about as today, the base is not functioning as it ought to be. Large navy warships which used to patrol the waters, providing protection, can no longer do so due to the fact that the place has stilted and the Federal Government has refused to dredge it.

“Bayelsa State is entirely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the River Niger, yet there are no naval bases there to protect the shores of Nigeria and the oil companies. For instance, the Bonga Oil Field which is the largest oil field in Nigeria is in Bayelsa State.

“Two riverine communities, Agae and Amatu communities, are at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, where oil companies are located yet there is no naval base to protect them. The people are left to their fate. The same can be said of Akwa Ibom and Ondo States.

“The question thence is, for instance, how possible will it be to navigate a navy warship through the waters of Lagos to the desert naval base in Kano which you want to build? Or is there a waterway to take one from Lagos to Kano? Or you want to commit huge scarce resources to create artificial ocean and rivers in a country that is so indebted? You think because you control the government other Nigerians can be treated with impunity as second class citizens?”

Continuing, Clark acknowledged, “The citing of a naval base world over, is mainly for the provision of security along the waterways of the coasts in order to provide security of a nation’s internal waters and its territorial integrity. And this is done where there is water and not in the heart of dry land.

“It is even difficult to decipher and more curious why you intend to crowd the north which is already saturated with heavy military infrastructure, especially in places like Kaduna and Kano States. (There must be limit to nepotism and parochialism).”

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It’s Nepotism For Nigerian Military To Build Naval Base In Kano When Bayelsa, Others Have None – Pa Edwin Clark

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