How Organiser Of Government-Funded Pro-Buhari Rally In New York Supported Twitter Ban, Condemned Complaints About Insecurity

Haruna Bello, recognized by sources as one of many organisers of the pro-Nigerian authorities protest in New York, United States, as soon as declared assist for a clampdown on freedom of speech and the suspension of the microblogging web site, Twitter by the Muhammadu Buhari-led authorities. 

SaharaReporters earlier on Tuesday reported that pro-government Nigerian protesters who countered teams agitating for self-determination in New York, United States on Monday have been paid $50 per hour. 

Sources instructed SaharaReporters that Bello is likely one of the organisers of the pro-government counter-rally. 

How Organiser Of Government-Funded Pro-Buhari Rally In New York Supported Twitter Ban, Condemned Complaints About Insecurity 2

Bello’s profile on Facebook says he attended Lagos State University, Ojo, and works with UNHCR within the US. 

Though Bello is from Madobi Local Government Area of Kano State, within the bandit-ravaged Northern area of Nigeria, he was fast to dismiss on Facebook feedback condemning the rising insecurity within the nation. 

On June 11, 2021, Bello posted on his Facebook web page an image of Buhari with the President’s quote: “Take the North West, for example, people with the same language and culture are killing themselves, stealing each other’s properties. Imagine the madness. Well, I have now told the military and the police to be brutal. 

“From now, we’ll communicate the language they perceive and within the coming weeks, you will get precisely what I’m saying.”

In reaction to Bello’s post, one Anchor Kay Lawrence wrote: “Why can’t this incapable president communicate the language his fellow Fulanis which were terrorising each a part of the nation, kidnapping, killing just like the Boko Haram and the bandits perceive? This is the worst president we ever have had.”

Bello responded, noting, “Anchor Kay Lawrence, why can’t you go and be the succesful president and communicate the language the criminals are talking? The Nigerian Army has been preventing Boko Haram every single day for about 19 years now so any silly individual that can come out and threaten the peace and safety of Nigeria must be handled.”

Lawrence thereafter said, “Haruna Bello, I’ve been in Nigeria for 3 months and I come right here yearly and ensure I spend 3 months annually in Nigeria, I’m experiencing it and never from the information. As I’m talking to you now, I’m at Igangan the place Fulani herdsmen simply killed and destroyed properties.”

“Haruna Bello, pay attention right here, there’s no peace and safety in Nigeria. Do you ever learn the information on what’s happening every single day within the north, south, and west, the place Fulani herdsmen are killing  Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo every single day?” Lawrence asked. 

Bello replied, “Anchor Kay Lawrence, the place are you getting your information from? Social media and bias Nigerian press? Allow folks which can be in Nigeria to debate what’s happening in Nigeria not you that’s not been in Nigeria for a few years. 

“If you like, say anything you want to say, I have my facts, no matter how you hate the President, it will not change the fact that he’s still the president and he will continue to be till 2023.”

“Anchor Kay Lawrence, stop using emotions or hatred to judge or talk about what’s happening in Nigeria, what’s happening in some parts of Nigeria is unfortunate and nobody will threaten the leans (sic) and security or sovereignty of Nigeria and go free. The Governor of a state is the chief security officer of his state so you don’t expect the president to talk or do anything when/if there is any problem or local clashes in a state,” Bello added. 

“Anchor Kay Lawrence, take your frustrations somewhere else because all your frustration is about Buhari being your president and that frustration will remain till 2023. My only problem with you guys is you don’t expand your thinking, you just narrow it down to Nigeria and Buhari. If not that Twitter waited for Donald Trump to be out of power before they banned him, what do you think will happen to Twitter? And you are here shouting freedom of speech. Didn’t Donald Trump ban TikTok?”

One of the folks aware of the deal that birthed the One Nigeria protest organised to counter the One Million March organised by teams looking for self-determination stated the Presidency cabal bankrolled the pro-government rally. 

The supply instructed SaharaReporters that the “One Nigeria” protesters have been promised $50 for one hour and $150 for 3 hours to be on the venue of the protest and to indicate assist for President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime regardless of the obtrusive failures.

“One of the organisers of the fake ‘One Nigeria’ protest who bribed some Nigerians with the money is Haruna Bello,” the source said.  How Organiser Of Government-Funded Pro-Buhari Rally In New York Supported Twitter Ban, Condemned Complaints About Insecurity 3

Also, a woman confirmed that she was contacted by the organisers of the “One Nigeria” protest however she declined.

The supply stated the organisers requested a replica of the identification card of those that can be becoming a member of the protest which brought on an uproar and made some folks again out of the protest.

The supply stated, “I was invited for the pro-Buhari protest. The organisers promised to pay $50 for one hour and we’ll be there for three hours. The person did not know we are Oduduwa adherents; we played along as if we didn’t understand him. He explained that he was given a contract to do it but yesterday, it became an issue.

“Nigerians who initially agreed later had an issue with the organisers because the organisers of the pro-Buhari protest said those who would join the protest must tender their ID cards, a copy would be made and taken to the Nigerian House but those ones refused because an ID card in America is very significant.

“With that, the organisers had to quickly go and look for any other Nigerian they saw or those who had no legal papers yet and who are in need of the $150, that they would take them to the venue. It was a staged protest. It was $50 an hour for three hours making it $150.”

The revelation comes as two Nigerian teams with conflicting ideologies confronted one another in New York over the President’s go to.

The teams had converged on the Nigerian House on forty second Street, 2nd Avenue, airing opposing views concerning the problems with insecurity in Nigeria and its unity.

The protest started as Buhari arrived in New York for his scheduled actions for the United Nations General Assembly.

The One Nigeria group members carried placards on which have been written, “Stronger together”, “Unity in diversity”, “Genocide in Eastern Nigeria plain propaganda”, “Nigerians want national unity, not secession”,

“Nigerian Christians not targets of genocide or ethnic cleansing”, amongst others.

They have been, nonetheless, opposed by some anti-Buhari protesters who had been organising protests for days calling for a referendum to find out the destiny of the nation.

The protesters who’re calling for self-determination alleged that the members of the One Nigeria Group have been “fake” Nigerians employed to hold the flags and take footage.

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How Organiser Of Government-Funded Pro-Buhari Rally In New York Supported Twitter Ban, Condemned Complaints About Insecurity

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