How Military Men Killed Three Traders In Lagos Spare Parts Market Over N200

Trigger-happy navy personnel have shot useless three merchants on the fashionable Ladipo Spare Parts Market in Lagos State over the fee of N200 gate cross into the world.

One of the victims was a businessman, recognized solely as Felix, aka Tiger, and two different yet-to-be-identified merchants who have been shot useless on the Aguiyi Ironsi International Trade Centre, within the Paramo space of Ladipo Market, Lagos State.

How Military Men Killed Three Traders In Lagos Spare Parts Market Over N200 2

Crisis started when a navy officer and his orderly visited the market on Tuesday to alter the spare half he purchased from a dealer.

On their manner out, some union members, who have been on the entrance of the market, reportedly demanded fee of N200 from them for gate cross.

It was learnt that the request infuriated the navy males and within the course of, an argument ensued between them and the union members.

A supply out there informed our correspondent that the union members allegedly beat the navy man and his orderly, including that the troopers mobilised three different personnel, who allegedly shot the victims to demise.

The dealer mentioned, “What happened was that a military man came with his orderly in the morning to change a spare part that he bought from a trader in the market since last week. He came to change it because it did not work, but the military man did not wear his uniform when he came into the market.

“When he was leaving, the union boys at the entrance of the gate told him to pay N200 for gate pass. But because he refused to pay, it turned into a fight and the boys beat the military man and his orderly. So, he went back to his base, returned with three other boys and everywhere scattered as they started shooting.

“About three people have been killed; in fact, a trader, Felix, aka Tiger, whose shop is located on my line, was part of the people that were killed by stray bullets. Felix was carrying his goods into his shop during the fracas when a stray bullet hit him.

“We quickly rushed him to the hospital, but he died on the way. The incident happened around 1pm, but the military man came to the market around 9am.”

However, the Director, Public Relations and Information, Nigerian Airforce, Edward Gabkwat, who gave one other model of the story, mentioned a soldier and his civilian pal have been out there for debt assortment from a dealer when a struggle broke out between the soldier and the debtor.

He mentioned, “It was a matter of self-defence; it was purely a domestic matter that went south. A soldier and a civilian friend went to the market for debt collection, whether the debt was for the soldier or civilian, we don’t know. But in the process, a fight ensued between the soldier and the alleged debtor, and the debtor and other civilians pounced on the soldier.

“It was an unfortunate situation. It wasn’t as if it was the air force men that opened fire, but the rifle, which belongs to the air force personnel, has been retrieved. I understand one or two people died, but it is unconfirmed. Our base commander has been told to get to the root of the matter.”

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How Military Men Killed Three Traders In Lagos Spare Parts Market Over N200

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