Group Petitions Legal Practitioners’ Committee, Accuses Senior Lawyer Of False Attempted Murder Claim

A bunch, Rule of Law And Accountability Advocacy Centre has petitioned the Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee (LPPC) on behalf of a former Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Abuja, Ezenwa Anumnu, who was falsely accused of tried homicide by one other authorized practitioner, Magaji Mahmud.

In the petition despatched on Wednesday to the LPPC by the Executive Director of the RULAAC, Okechukwu Nwanguma, the complainant requested that the matter be investigated and the authorized standing of the accuser, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, be reviewed.

Group Petitions Legal Practitioners' Committee, Accuses Senior Lawyer Of False Attempted Murder Claim 2

Anumnu alleged that Mahmud had broken his hard-earned status after the latter authored the publication of a defamatory article towards him and triggered it to be circulated on social media.

He additionally mentioned Mahmud threatened to arrest him and took a step additional by instigating a false petition towards him by a Chinese nationwide, Zhou Junpeng, who alleged that Anumnu attacked him. 

According to Anumnu, after the menace by Mahmud, the police stormed his workplace on Monday to arrest him on trumped-up expenses of tried homicide.  

RULAAC additionally reeled off many different allegations towards Mahmud, praying the LPPC to look into such infractions and take obligatory remedial steps. 

The group additionally appealed to the committee to look into the actions of the Senior Advocate, Mahmud ‘with a view to ascertaining whether it is in keeping with the prescribed code of behaviour and mete out obligatory sanctions’.

The petition learn, “Rule of Law And Accountability Advocacy Centre (RULAAC) writes on behalf of Ezenwa Anumnu, legal Practitioner based in the Federal Capital Territory and past Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association Abuja.

”We write to complain concerning the unwholesome and fewer than acceptable actions of Messrs Magaji Mahmud (SAN) and acts very unbecoming of a authorized practitioner particularly that of a member of the inside bar and privileged statutory rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria and to demand that his standing be reviewed accordingly.

“Ezenwa Anumnu Informed us as follows: That while in the lawful conduct of his professional duties to his clients, Messrs Skill Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Limited, Magaji Mahmud (SAN) contrived and authored the publication of a damaging and defamatory material against him and caused same to be circulated in the social media, therefore, damaging his hard-earned reputation. 

“That the said Magaji Mahmud (SAN) further threatened to arrest him and instigated a false petition against him by one Zhou Junpeng, a Chinese national who alleged that he attacked him. 

“That sequel upon the threat by Magaji Mahmud (SAN), the police stormed his office on Monday, 21st June 2021 with the intention of arresting him on trumped-up charges of attempted murder.  

“That on the 17th of June, 2021, the learned senior advocate incited and procured the publication of a malicious material alleging that he attempted to rob and kill one Mr Zhou Junpeng, a Chinese national.

“He, in collaboration with one Hauwa Sherkarau and Ade Adesotoye caused the sharing of gruesome pictures and false story alleging that he and one Henry Ejike attempted to rob and kill the gentleman and inflicted grievous bodily harm on him. 

“That as Hauwa Shekarau continued to share this falsehood publicly and was confronted with the veracity of the allegation and why she has not bothered to challenge the said Ezenwa Anumnu with such allegation since Ezenwa Anumnu is well known to her and members of the Bar, she responded that her information was credibly obtained from Magaji Mahmud (SAN). She further claimed that it is contained in a petition to NBA made by Magaji Mahmud SAN and which she was copied. 

“That it is befuddling that a man of his stature will make such wicked and damaging allegation about a colleague without the professional courtesy of reaching out to the colleague for his side of the story and more so, for a person that is conferred with the privileged position of a senior advocate. 

”That however the callousness of the allegation meted on him and his colleague by the Learned Senior Advocate and his cohorts, he made calls and despatched a textual content to the Senior Advocate looking for to satisfy and clarify what transpired. He finally met up with him and he mentioned he had ordered his arrest with out telling him what he did incorrect. 

“That on 22nd June 2021, in fulfilment of his threat, one Inspector Ibe from Squad X, Wuye under the FCT command visited his office asking about him and threatening to deal with him. He has neither previously met nor dealt with Inspector Ibe to deserve such hostility. This is notwithstanding that the case is currently being investigated by the DIG’s office. 

“That he was made to understand that a fresh petition was lodged with X Squad, FCT Command where the learned silk exacts tremendous influence to do his bidding and he wonders why the duplicity when the Inspector General’s office is already handling the matter? Is it not one police force?

“That he is reliably informed that the learned Senior Advocate has concluded plans with the X Squad Police to trump up fictitious charges of attempted murder against him under a kangaroo process in violation of the rule of law. 

“That he approached the High Court of the FCT for the enforcement of his Fundamental Human Rights and once the learned Silk was served, he further threatened that he will debar him from legal practice as he is a nobody and that even a restraining order of the court cannot stop him from dealing with him. 

”Fortunately, this go well with is sub judice within the High Court and the events have already been served, but in brazen disregard of those processes, the X Squad police in scant regards of the rule of legislation and below the prompting of the discovered Senior Advocate is insisting he studies to them even if he’s alleging that they wish to breach his rights and that the courtroom ought to come to his rescue.

”Our prayers, on behalf of Ezenwa Anumnu: The survival of the rule of legislation and certainly authorized observe is based on the power for senior attorneys and attorneys having fun with privileges within the authorized observe to be above board and never have interaction in acts able to bringing the observe of the authorized occupation to disrepute. 

“When such acts happen, the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee is mandated to look into such infractions and take necessary remedial steps. We appeal to this eminent committee to look into the acts of the Senior Advocate with a view to ascertaining if it is in line with the prescribed code of behaviour and mete out necessary sanctions.”


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Group Petitions Legal Practitioners' Committee, Accuses Senior Lawyer Of False Attempted Murder Claim

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