Family Of Ex-Minister, Audu Ogbeh Keeps Widow’s Children Away From Her, Sends Death Threats

A lady, Mrs Juliet Ochogwu, a widow of late Mr Julius Ochogwu, has alleged that her husband’s household conspired and kidnapped her two kids, Jason and Joanne, of their bid to grab the properties of her husband in Otukpo, Benue State.

Julius’ elder brother, Mr Paul Ochogwu, is a pastor of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Kanshio, Makurdi, the Benue State capital, and he alongside others, Joseph Ochogwu and Miss Martha Agatha, allegedly stormed The Holy Child Nursery and Primary School, Otukpo, on Monday, July 12, after they took the kids away.

Family Of Ex-Minister, Audu Ogbeh Keeps Widow’s Children Away From Her, Sends Death Threats 2

She alleged that her mother-in-law, Paulina Ochogwu, the instant elder sister of a former Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, was additionally supporting the evil being meted out to her in addition to the loss of life threats despatched by the relations in order that she may let go of her kids.

Juliet, who spoke to SaharaReporters on Friday, revealed that Paul and his siblings have been in custody of her kids and deliberate to inherit her husband’s property.

Julius died on Thursday, April 1, 2021, after a severe battle with diabetes.

Ochogwu’s widow additionally disclosed that her brother-in-law, Paul, did not remit over N1.5million condolence cash raised by her husband’s associates for the maintenance of the 4 kids, Jonathan, Jason, Joanne and Jasmine.

The girl stated, “I was married to my husband for almost 13 years. So, we had a misunderstanding two years ago that led to our separation. I was pregnant with our fourth child. And he said he wasn’t ready for another child. Though we agreed on three children and when the fourth pregnancy came, even though I was on family planning, he said he wasn’t ready for another child that I should get rid of the pregnancy. But, I refused.

“When family intervened and all that, my husband got so furious and threw my things out of the house. So, from 2019 to 2021, we were separated. When he threw my things out, I went to live with my parents in Sokoto. But, my husband allowed me to always be in touch with the other three children by speaking with them on the phone. Three children with him were two boys and a girl. Their names were Jonathan, Jason and Joanne.

“So, within the process of this crisis, my husband sent me a divorce summons from High Court in Otukpo, Benue State. He didn’t take it seriously because we never had any court hearing. In January 2021, I was told that my husband was very sick. I called him that I would come and check on him and the children. The week I was supposed to travel and see him, he said he was referred to the General Hospital in Abuja. He had been seriously ill since I had left. He had diabetes which seriously affected his health. Unfortunately, the week I was supposed to visit him, he died on Thursday April 1, 2021.”

The widow famous that after her husband’s loss of life, her father and relations attended the burial the place her husband’s household requested her to take an oath to show her innocence however her father prevented her, being a Christian household.

She continued that her husband’s relations weren’t on speaking phrases along with her husband when he was alive however immediately turned so thinking about his property after his loss of life.

She stated, “They denied me access to my children only to discover that they were only after his properties and assets. They are aware that I had two male children for my husband; so whoever keeps the children automatically gets the assets. Funnily, these family members of my late husband that have been scrambling over his assets were people that were not talking with him when he was alive.

“His mother, Mrs Paulina Ochogwu, wasn’t on talking terms with my husband. His elder brother, Paul Ochogwu, was not talking to my husband for over 15 years. His younger sister, Martha Ochogwu, also was not talking to my husband even though both of them lived in the same town. For five years, she had not been talking to my husband. His elder brother also, Joseph Ochogwu also was not talking to my husband because my husband was a very blunt and truthful person. He didn’t hide anything. He told the truth openly. They were always against him because of his blunt principles. He never supported injustice.

“These people in their gang-up took my children away. My dad asked some Idoma people about these issues to see if we are doing the right thing. I’m from Edo, not Idoma so there are some things about their customs I don’t know.

Juliet revealed all the atrocities from her in-laws including death threats, adding that she was not asking for her husband’s estate but to let them have access to her children whom she did not know their whereabouts.

“They have unleashed injustice on me because I’ve not seen my children for two years. They are not taking care of the children. Rather, they squandered the condolence money raised for the upkeep of the children. They can keep my husband’s property but give me my children. The three children with them, Jonathan, a-12 year-old boy, Jason, a 10-year-old boy, and Joanne, a 5-year-old girl. They are holding them hostage and captive,” she stated.

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Family Of Ex-Minister, Audu Ogbeh Keeps Widow’s Children Away From Her, Sends Death Threats

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