Buhari’s October 1 Speech Further Confirmed He’s President Of Only North — Yoruba Self-Determination Groups

The umbrella physique for Yoruba self-determination teams, Ilana Omo Oodua, has stated President Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence Day speech additional proves that he’s for the northern area solely.

The group made this identified in a press release issued on Friday by Maxwell Adeleye, its Communications Secretary.

Buhari's October 1 Speech Further Confirmed He’s President Of Only North — Yoruba Self-Determination Groups 2

Adeleye, who was writing on behalf of the chief of the group, Prof Banji Akintoye, stated Buhari had merely chosen to come back after a law-abiding citizen corresponding to Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) whereas refusing to call and expose terrorists.

He additionally famous the president’s claims {that a} serving member of the House of Assembly is financing the wrestle for self-determination is unfaithful as Yoruba each house and overseas contributed their hard-earned assets to maintain the agitation.

He stated even when there was a single iota of reality in that, such an individual must be celebrated.

The assertion reads, “Buhari has additional uncovered himself because the President of the North, and never that of Nigerians. He has succeeded in emboldening us extra to battle on within the agitation for Self-Determination for the Yoruba individuals.

“It is a total nonsense that Buhari is bothered about a Sunday Igboho who is engaged in a lawful agitation, endorsed and confirmed now by a court of competent jurisdiction, United Nations and African Union Declarations on Peoples and Human Rights while he (Buhari) looked away on the murderous activities of the Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists and Miyyetii Allah in the South and Middle-Belt Territories.

“Mr. President said an unknown Sitting Member of the Nigerian National Assembly is involved in the funding of Sunday Igboho. That’s an absolute mendacity. The Yoruba people from villages to villages to the Diaspora are contributing their hard-earned resources to oil and sustain the agitation.

“Our appeal to Buhari is to, as a matter of urgency, name the invincible national assembly member so that the Yoruba People can celebrate him because he is supporting a NOBLE STRUGGLE. If indeed such a National Assembly member exists unknown to us in Ilana Omo Oodua, we say very expressly that he is a hero that has chosen to stand by a legitimate, legal and constitutional agitation.  Therefore, Buhari is merely ground-standing.

“As Buhari name the unknown National Assembly Member, our utmost appeal to him is to help Nigerians in naming those funding murderous Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists oppressing, maiming, killing and raping his people in the North and the people of the South and Middle-Belt with impunity.

“The entire speech of Buhari symbolises hopelessness and chaos. It was a declaration  of war against the peace-loving people of Yoruba Land. Our message to him is that we shall not be intimidated.

“We shall remain loyal and committed to our struggle for an Independent Yoruba Nation. We shall be undaunted. No Oppressor has ever triumphed over the people. In this struggle, we shall continue to be legitimate and peaceful. It is amandla awetu, nothing shall discourage us.”

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Buhari's October 1 Speech Further Confirmed He’s President Of Only North — Yoruba Self-Determination Groups

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