Anambra sets up mobile courts against abuse of face masks

Anambra sets up mobile courts against abuse of face masks

By Vincent Ujumadu – Awka

The Anambra State government has said that it would set up mobile courts in various parts of the state to try those who contravene the new law on COVID-19, particularly individuals who do not wear face coverings or do not wear them properly.

Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr. C. Don Adinuba observed yesterday that the face masks were often not worn appropriately, while some people wore theirs on the chins and on their jaws.

He said: “There are individuals who wear the face masks to cover their mouths, but not their nostrils. This practice is proper.

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“The face mask must always cover the mouth and the nose. This is because coronavirus enters our system through such orifices as the eye, the nostril, and the mouth. This is why some people wear not just face masks that cover their mouths and noses but also face shields that cover their eyes, in addition.

“The compulsory and proper adorning of face masks in public places in Anambra State is done in the interest of every individual in the state. It has killed nine persons in our state and a number of Anambra individuals outside the state. The victims include old people and youths of both genders.

“Anambra State government does not want more of our people to get infected by this highly contagious disease, let alone die of it.

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“Consequently, the government is establishing mobile courts in different parts of the state The punishments include payment of up to N10,000 fine and performance of community service.

“To check the spread of the coronavirus in our dear state and ensure that Anambra remains the safest state in Nigeria, including in health matters, Anambra people are reminded, once again, of the imperative to properly observe COVID – 19 protocols.”


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