2023: Renowned Economist, Utomi, Ex-Cross River, Kwara Governors, Others Form New Political Party To Challenge Buhari

Some distinguished Nigerians, on Tuesday, introduced the formation of a brand new political get together, Rescue Nigeria Project.

According to them, the brand new get together, described as a undertaking, will give Nigerians another platform to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

2023: Renowned Economist, Utomi, Ex-Cross River, Kwara Governors, Others Form New Political Party To Challenge Buhari 2

Founders of RNP embrace former governor of Kwara State, Ahmed Abdulfatai; famend economist, Professor Pat Utomi; a former Minister of Education, Professor Tunde Adeniran and a former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke,

Others embrace Senator Lee Maeba: Usman Bugaje; a former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega; Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo; Yomi Awoniyi; Rose Idi Danladi and Sadiq Gombe.

The leaders of the RNP recognized failure of management as the primary issue behind the issues affecting the nation, Vanguard stories. 


Speaking on Tuesday, Abdulfatai lamented the state of the nation, noting that the excessive stage of nepotism and lack of inclusiveness has given rise to agitations by completely different ethnic teams.

According to the previous governor, in 2015, Nigerians embraced change, including that in the present day, “that change appears to be what we didn’t expect, as insecurity has taken over the nation.”

He mentioned, “It is based on this that we decided to set up this Rescue Nigeria Project. We want to salvage this country and see how we can fix the mess. We want to set a template and key criteria leaders must have before they can attain any political position.

“Despite the great opportunities of the past, Nigeria has failed to live up to the dreams of its founding fathers and the hopes of successive generations of its citizens.


“Perhaps, at no other time have these failings become more apparent than in the past decade or so.

“In 2015, Nigerians overwhelmingly embraced the promise of change. These hopes have not only been dashed, but they have arguably turned out to be the worst political statements ever to be made in this country. Nigeria today appears set to fulfil all the prophesies of doom.”


He additional famous that “Unprecedented nepotism and political exclusion have left the country more divided than ever as evident in the various separatists’ agitation that is threatening the corporate existence of the country itself.” 

Also talking, Adeniran famous that there’s a catastrophe at hand, therefore the transfer to rescue the nation.

He mentioned: “You only rescue when there is disaster and when you fail to rescue during a disaster, it is more dangerous.


“We have a disaster in our hands and we need to rescue the country. We need to look back and see how we get here. We know where Nigeria was before now. We know the task is not going to be easy, but we have to determine how to rescue the nation.”

In his opening remarks, the RNP nationwide coordinator, Usman Bugaje, defined that the Rescue Nigeria Project was based on the premise that the challenges bedevilling the nation had been largely derived from poor management.

Bugaje, taking a swipe on the President the Muhammadu Buhari-led authorities, mentioned, “When you reduce the problems of this country to what they are, ultimately, it all comes to leadership.

“We have been unable to exit the leadership conundrum precisely because the leadership recruitment mechanism in our political parties is so flawed that, except for accidents, they are incapable of producing competent leaders with the requisite knowledge, discipline and commitment to make a difference. We are living with, or better still, groaning under the consequences of this folly.

“What this means is that any attempt to rescue this country from its troubles must first rescue it from the current leadership recruitment mechanism that seems to leverage on money and connection or ethnic sentiments and no premium on knowledge or competence.

“The challenge is how to introduce a set of criteria or better still re-calibrate the recruitment mechanism in our political parties to prioritize knowledge, competence and character. The deepening crises in the political parties are all the more reason this re-calibration is necessary.

“We must change the conversation about leadership. The first thing we should want to know about our President is not which part of the country he or she comes from, rather how competent is he or she? What is the content of his policy document? What is his team made up of?

“We also seek to ensure a seismic shift from the politics of big men to the politics of big ideas. The empty politics of big men have not taken us anywhere but down the drain. We simply can’t continue this way.”


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2023: Renowned Economist, Utomi, Ex-Cross River, Kwara Governors, Others Form New Political Party To Challenge Buhari

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