Bobrisky: ‘He’, ‘She’, Nigerians Confused About Pronoun To Use For Idris Okuneye

Nigerians seem confused about the appropriate pronoun to use for Idris

Okuneye, a popular cross-dresser and self-acclaimed transgender.

Bobrisky’s birthday venue was sealed off on Saturday when policemen

laid siege to it.

SaharaReporters reports that Nigerians on social media were divided on

the legality of the police’s action.

While some criticized the police for violating Bobrisky’s right to

assemble, others thought Okuneye’s action was immoral.

But, the pronoun to use in describing Bobrisky’s gender generated a

debate online.

Bisi Alimi, a gay man and advocate for the LGBTQ rights cautioned that

the right pronoun for Bobrisky is ‘she’ and ‘her’.

“Dear #Nigeria allies, the correct pronoun for #Bobrisky is “She/Her”.

Using this will help reduce stigma and show that you really care. You

can’t use a wrong pronoun and say you are an ally,” he tweeted.

Similarly, Sarah Ogunmiyiwa with the Twitter handle, @sara_ogun,

corrected another Twitter user, Olusegun Iselaiye @10tama22, for using

‘his’ to describe Bobrisky.

“Just In: Bobrisky on the run as Police Storms. Shutdown venue if his

27th birthday celebration in Lekki, chase away everyone,” Iselaiye

tweeted to which Ogunmuyiwa replied, “HER!!! Her pronouns are

she/her!!! And this us transmisogynistic violence.”

Another user, @whoislateef, mockingly asked, “So which cell will they

put Bobrisky Female cell: Naaaah Male cell: Honeymoon”

The self-acclaimed transgender had cautioned on the use of pronoun she


In one viral video, Bobrisky asked, “Who is you bro?” in an attempt to

get Nigerians to see her as a woman.


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