10 Greetings in 10 Languages

Africa is residence to the best linguistic variety on this planet with over 1500 completely different languages. Regardless that the continent has a variety of languages, the principal languages discovered throughout all 54 nations embody Arabic, French and English.

Attention-grabbing information to find out about languages in Africa is that they type a part of 4 language teams, specifically Afro-Asiatic overlaying Northern Africa, Central Sahara and the Horn of Africa, Nilo-Saharan overlaying Central and Jap Africa, Niger-Congo overlaying Central, Southern and Jap Africa and Khoisan, overlaying the western a part of Southern Africa. Arabic has roughly 100 million African audio system, with near 54 million of them being from Egypt, whereas English is spoken primarily in Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The highest 10 languages spoken on the continent, moreover English and Arabic, are Swahili, Amharic, Yoruba, Oromo, Hausa, Igbo, isiZulu, Shona, Portuguese and French.

Right here’s tips on how to greet in Africa’s high 10 languages.


Hiya – “Jambo” or “Hujambo,” or  “Habari”

Good morning – ” Habari ya Asubuhi”

Goodnight- “Lala Salama” or “Usiku mwema”

How are you? – “Habari gani”

I’m superb – “Nzuri”

Thanks – “Asante,” and “Thanks very a lot” is “Asante sana.”


Hiya – “Selam” or “Iwi selami newi.”

How are you? – “Inidēti nehi?” or “tenastalign?”

I’m superb – “Dehina nenyi.”

Thanks – “Ameseginalehu.”


Hiya – “Ẹ nlẹ o” for a common greeting; nevertheless, when greeting elders, the overall greeting is “E nle ma” for ladies and “E nle sir” for males.

How are you? – “Ṣe daadaa ni o wa?” or “Bawo ni o se wa?”

Thanks – “E dupe” or “O se” or “E se.”


Hiya – “Akkam” or “Attam”

How are you? – “Akkam jirtuu?”

Thanks – “Galatoomi.”


Hiya – “Sannu” or “Salama alaikum.”

How are you? – “Kana lahiya?” when asking males and “Kina lahiya” when asking ladies.

I’m superb – “Lafiya.”

Thanks – “Na gode.”


Hiya – “Kodi” for a common greeting. If you wish to be extra particular, say “Ibọlachi,” when saying “Good morning,” “Efife oma” when saying “good afternoon,” and “Mgbede ọma” when saying “good night.”

How are you? – “Kedu ka idị?”

I’m superb – “Ọdi mma.”

Thanks – “Dalu” or “Imela.”


Hiya – “Sawubona” when greeting one particular person and “Sanibonani” when greeting two or extra folks.

How are you? – “Unjani?” however when asking elders, you say “Ninjani?”

I’m superb – “Ngiyaphila”

Thanks – “Ngiyabonga.”


Hiya – “Kanjan” or “Mhoro.”

How are you? – “Wakadii?” or “Makadinizvako?”

I’m superb – “Ndiripo.”

Thanks – “Tatenda.”


Hiya – “Ola.”

How are you? – “Como esta?”

I’m superb – “Estou bem obrigado.”

Thanks – “Obrigado.”


Probably the most populous francophone nation on this planet is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the place 40% of the overall inhabitants can communicate French.

Hiya – “Salut” for an off-the-cuff greeting and “Bonjour” for a proper greeting.

How are you? – “ça va?”

I’m superb – “ça va bien.”

Thanks – “Merci.”

Lebogang Matshego

South African journalist primarily based in Johannesburg. A Wits College graduate, Lebo enjoys writing way of life and leisure tales.

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