Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Nigeria will comply if the UN imposes sanctions on Russia, says the country’s foreign minister

The Nigerian government will comply if the United Nations imposes sanctions against Russia in its ongoing war in Ukraine, according to Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama. He stated that the UN must act since sanctioning will be a joint action.

Nigeria will “act and engage within the framework of the United Nations” if the United Nations passes and applies sanctions against Russia, according to Geoffrey Onyeama.

The minister noted that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia was universally condemned by attendees at the UN General Assembly emergency meeting on Monday.

After over 100 speakers have made their views, the UNGA resolution is anticipated to be voted on Tuesday.

If enacted, the UNGA would “deplore in the greatest terms” Russian “aggression” against Ukraine, demand a total withdrawal of troops, and reverse Russia’s decision to recognize the enclaves of Donetsk and Luhansk, according to a draft distributed before the meeting.

It will also seek a quick resumption of discussions that will allow all parties to facilitate “rapid, safe, and unfettered” humanitarian aid access for all civilians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an order for a “special military operation” in Ukraine last week.

Russia claims to be targeting Ukrainian military installations, including air bases, yet Russian air assaults are said to have killed hundreds of civilians, including women and children.

The United States and the European Union have both condemned Putin’s actions and imposed economic penalties.

In Monday’s peace talks with Ukraine, Putin demanded that the West recognize Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea as a precondition for resolving the conflict.

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Nigeria will comply if the UN imposes sanctions on Russia, says the country's foreign minister

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