Scarcity and Urgency

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Why are Nigerians so impatient?

I used to ask myself this question all the time. Everywhere you turn to, you will see someone that is impatient. You will be in traffic, the car in front of you moves forward a bit, there is no space for another car to come in, but because you haven’t quickly moved, the person behind you keeps hooting so that you can move forward. It annoys me.

You are on a queue and the person before you has moved forward a bit and just because a tiny space has been created, the person behind you is already telling you to move.

Why are we so impatient? I asked myself this same question about two years ago. I was to board a flight from Lagos to Abuja. I had checked in and like most Nigerian airlines, our flight was delayed for a cou…

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Scarcity and Urgency

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