Popular Skit Maker, Lasisi Elenu, Loses Mum 1

Popular Skit Maker, Lasisi Elenu, Loses Mum

The famous social media skit maker, Lasisi Elenu has announced the death of his sick mother, Grace Afolabi, who fought so hard to stay alive before giving up the ghost. The skit maker whimpered so hard as he wrote last words for his mother on his Instagram page.

He wrote: “So this is truly how it feels to lose someone so precious to you. This is the saddest moment of my life. Madam Grace Osaivbie Afolabi” is gone.

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“You were my biggest fan. You laughed at the littlest things I did or said, even after you couldn’t control your laughs, there were still so many things I knew “Yeah this would naturally make Mummy laugh”

“Damn you were strong, too strong, You fought sickness for so long. You fought and gave all you could. The world was so unfair to you for so long, You battled illness for too long. Times you ought to have spent in joy and celebration with your family, you spent fighting for your life.

“No one ever truly knows the pain we all go through individually even while fronting a smile to the public. Mama Itohan was a strong woman, she was sick for so many years and I lost her to death.

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Popular Skit Maker, Lasisi Elenu, Loses Mum

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