Give Them What They Want

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Let's talk politics. Don't worry, it won't be boring. One, you know…

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Selling Online Effectively (Part 2)

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Not too long ago, I needed to raise a quick Five Million…

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Dear Friend & Subscriber, I'm so mad at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. If you do not know…

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Selling Online Effectively

Dear Friend & Subscriber, I find it very easy to sell on the Internet. This is…

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Small Business Ideas That Will Make You Money

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Sometimes, I wonder why people find it difficult to start businesses. I…

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Why People Do Not Believe Your Ads

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Have you ever seen an advert and you just “yinmu” like this…

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How To Write Powerful Facebook Ads (Part 2)

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Let us conclude this lesson on how to write powerful Facebook ads.…

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How To Write Powerful Facebook Ads

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Today, I want to to teach you a skill that can make…

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Health Is Wealth

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Today I want to talk about health. I want to talk about…

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Never Too Late

Dear Friend & Subscriber, I am officially an old man. My son just resumed as a…

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Why People Don’t Buy From You (Part 3)

Dear Friend & Subscriber, What Does A Mafia Boss Know About Marketing? Lots. Read on to…

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Why People Don’t Buy From You (Part 2)

Dear Friend & Subscriber, I think I have decided on a title for my new book.…

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Controlling The Narrative

Dear Friend & Subscriber, My favourite dress code is black T-shirt, joggers with slides. If slides…

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PR Nightmare

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Something funny just happened to me. For you to understand the gist…

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Information Marketing

Dear Friend and Subscriber, Someone just directed a message to me in a WhatsApp group I…

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